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Replay of the Year 2017

TeCa vs la0s
heke & linlin)THEone vs RapiNG & POON3SS
RainyMonday vs heke
Sonik vs ToXiGRiNTA
ZeusPark vs RapiNG


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Uploader: HB
Host: rocarena_host
Date: 21.03.2017 01:40:13
Gametype: Custom (1on1)
Mapname: Maps(4)rocarenaLostTemple2.0.w3m
Tournament Showcase
Version: v1.27
Duration: 27:23 min
Added in WatchList: 0 time(s).
Replay Info: Showcase

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Show Winner


Team 1( Winner )
Pawlak_PL (121 APM | 3318 Actions)
» Heroes » Actions » Hotkeys » Units » Upgrades » Buildings » Items
Ability icon 3 Storm Bolt
Ability icon 3 Bash
Ability icon 1 Avatar
Hero icon 7 Mountain King
Hot.N Assigned Used
Right click1503
Select / deselect774
Select group hotkey515
Use ability130
Build / train110
Select subgroup102
Assign group hotkey94
Basic commands55
Enter build submenu24
Enter hero's abilities submenu7
Remove unit from queue3
Give item / drop item1
Total 3318
Peasant 50
Footman 37
Total 87 10420 0
Defend 1
150 100
Total 1 150 100
Guard Tower 10
1400 600
Scout Tower 10
800 200
Farm 6
480 120
Town Hall 3
1350 450
Keep 1
320 110
Lumber Mill 1
Altar of Kings 1
300 100
Barracks 1
240 80
Total 33 5060 1660
00:06 Altar of Kings
00:19 Barracks
00:34 Farm
01:04 Farm
02:38 Farm
02:52 Farm
02:57 Lumber Mill
03:03 Farm
05:18 Scout Tower
05:22 Scout Tower
05:30 Scout Tower
05:32 Guard Tower
05:51 Guard Tower
06:04 Scout Tower
06:31 Guard Tower
07:12 Scout Tower
07:32 Guard Tower
07:32 Guard Tower
07:59 Scout Tower
08:28 Guard Tower
12:35 Scout Tower
15:18 Guard Tower
16:13 Town Hall
17:55 Guard Tower
17:55 Guard Tower
21:22 Keep
21:53 Farm
23:22 Town Hall
23:25 Keep
23:33 Scout Tower
23:43 Scout Tower
24:03 Guard Tower
24:03 Guard Tower
24:41 Town Hall
27:14 Scout Tower
Potion of Mana 5
Potion of Healing 4
Potion of Invisibility 1
Total 10 1700 0
Team 2
RainyMonday (181 APM | 4946 Actions)
» Heroes » Actions » Hotkeys » Units » Upgrades » Buildings » Items
Ability icon 3 Feral Spirit
Ability icon 2 Chain Lighting
Ability icon 1 Earth Quake
Ability icon 3 War Stomp
Ability icon 2 Endurance Aura
Hero icon 6 Far Seer Hero icon 5 Tauren Chieftain
Hot.N Assigned Used
Right click2168
Select group hotkey1340
Select / deselect774
Use ability249
Assign group hotkey114
Select subgroup97
Basic commands94
Build / train64
Enter build submenu29
Enter hero's abilities submenu11
Give item / drop item4
Remove unit from queue1
ESC pressed1
Total 4946
Peon 23
Grunt 4
Raider 2
420 80
Demolisher 5
1300 350
Total 34 4730 430
Ensnare 1
100 75
Total 1 100 75
Barracks 4
960 320
Orc Burrow 4
680 200
Beastiary 2
460 140
War Mill 1
Fortress 1
345 110
Stronghold 1
310 90
Altar of Storms 1
300 100
Great Hall 1
450 150
Total 15 3745 1110
00:03 Altar of Storms
00:17 Orc Burrow
00:34 Barracks
01:45 Orc Burrow
02:18 Stronghold
03:48 Great Hall
03:55 Orc Burrow
04:25 Beastiary
04:32 War Mill
07:00 Orc Burrow
11:15 Barracks
14:24 Barracks
14:53 Barracks
16:00 Beastiary
16:27 Fortress
Potion of Healing 3
Scroll of Town Portal 3
Potion of Mana 2
Total 8 1900 0
Chatlog: Display
(00:00) (All) Pawlak_PL: Shortest load by player [n1Ce.Taker] was 2.06 seconds.
(00:00) (All) Pawlak_PL: Longest load by player [StonedChair] was 11.22 seconds.
(00:00) (13) Pawlak_PL: Your load time was 5.65 seconds.
(00:00) (All) Pawlak_PL:
(00:00) (All) Pawlak_PL:
(00:00) (All) Pawlak_PL:
(00:00) (All) Pawlak_PL: - the main portal for WarCraft III: RoC.
(00:00) (All) Pawlak_PL:
(00:00) (All) Pawlak_PL:
(00:00) (All) Pawlak_PL:
(00:00) (All) Pawlak_PL: Get your own Hostbot, MINECRAFT Server and more at!
(00:02) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: adam
(00:02) (Observers) snowbreeze: map pool?
(00:05) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: u agree with me
(00:06) (Observers) StonedChair: ALASKA LOADS LAST
(00:07) (Observers) StonedChair: lmfao
(00:09) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: that if u play
(00:09) (Observers) StonedChair: go figure
(00:12) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: with real colors in 3v3
(00:14) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: u have more information
(00:16) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: available
(00:17) (Observers) HB.: yeah for sure
(00:18) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: when u watch minimap
(00:20) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: or the game
(00:21) (Observers) HB.: u can make some player profile in your head
(00:23) (Observers) RoC.leeyongjiN: obv
(00:23) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: for example illusions
(00:25) (All) RainyMonday: gl
(00:27) (All) RainyMonday: #TEAMPAW
(00:27) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: if u see
(00:28) (All) Pawlak_PL: hf
(00:30) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: green on minimap
(00:30) (Observers) HB.: u can see who can't control the dk xD
(00:31) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: say
(00:31) (Observers) RoC.leeyongjiN: now what will rainy play?
(00:34) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: u know its elf
(00:36) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: moving
(00:39) (Observers) StonedChair: yeah but for mirco green and brown are best
(00:39) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: and not orc
(00:43) (Observers) HB.: GO BET GUYS
(00:45) (Observers) StonedChair: they blend in more
(00:46) (Observers) HB.: i bet 2 on pawlak!
(00:47) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: and then
(00:48) (Observers) King.Ragnar: how do u see it in minimap toxi
(00:50) (Observers) King.Ragnar: mh?
(00:52) (Observers) HB.: ?
(00:52) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: ?
(00:55) (Observers) King.Ragnar: xd
(00:56) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: if u see someone
(00:58) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: on ur minimap
(01:00) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: u know which race
(01:01) (Observers) King.Ragnar: jk
(01:02) (Observers) rp.schappi: lol toxi
(01:03) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: or if its 3 guys
(01:03) (Observers) King.Ragnar: i think
(01:04) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: or 1
(01:06) (Observers) rp.schappi: u know the german word for
(01:07) (Observers) King.Ragnar: u are very excited toxi
(01:09) (Observers) rp.schappi: termo unterhose
(01:10) (Observers) HB.: ragnar playing without minimap cause he thought it required mh
(01:10) (Observers) King.Ragnar: lol
(01:10) (Observers) rp.schappi: ?
(01:11) (Observers) RoC.leeyongjiN: 5on gordon
(01:16) (Observers) rp.schappi: alda
(01:20) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: no why
(01:20) (Observers) rp.schappi: XD
(01:22) (Observers) HB.: r. what??????????????????
(01:25) (Observers) rp.schappi: kk then its fine
(01:25) (Observers) rp.schappi: :D
(01:25) (Observers) RoC.leeyongjiN: :D
(01:34) (Observers) HB.: that backstab
(01:34) (Observers) snowbreeze: Human vs Orc:rLostTemple (1st) rOutskirts rSecretValley rRiftValley rEchoIsles
(01:35) (Observers) RoC.leeyongjiN: 00.1 on rainy the fuck!
(01:36) (Observers) King.Ragnar: im r?
(01:45) (Observers) snowbreeze: ca va etre hu mirror imo
(01:58) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: bah jai win
(02:01) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: tu penses que pawel va win
(02:03) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: avec mk first?
(02:03) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: xD
(02:07) (Observers) snowbreeze: ?
(02:10) (Observers) HB.: but after all u r nothing even computer(easy) :/
(02:12) (Observers) snowbreeze: ah
(02:13) (Observers) snowbreeze: pas vu
(02:14) (Observers) HB.: *blisfully unaware*
(02:25) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: i want to thank my training partners
(02:26) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: snowbreeze
(02:26) (Observers) HB.: MK FIRST?
(02:27) (Observers) HB.: XD
(02:28) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: ragnar
(02:29) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: schappi
(02:30) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: booster
(02:33) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: rainy
(02:35) (Observers) snowbreeze: il va just throw?
(02:36) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: and computer(easy)
(02:37) (Observers) StonedChair: good item for mk
(02:40) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: who helped me perfect my builds
(02:41) (Observers) StonedChair: really good
(02:42) (Observers) rp.schappi: xd
(02:49) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: i must have creeped
(02:51) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: echo isles
(02:52) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: and TM
(02:53) (Observers) HB.: lol at toxi changing the default (normal) to (easy) just in case shit gets out of control
(02:55) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: about 50 times
(02:56) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: in 3 days
(02:57) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: lol
(03:11) (Observers) StonedChair: its fastest go go healer first
(03:14) (Observers) HB.: i remember jule playing mk first and doing ok on lt vs orcs
(03:18) (Observers) StonedChair: he should kill healer then others
(03:20) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: yeah but u need
(03:26) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: a slow economic build
(03:29) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: to make it work
(03:38) (Observers) rp.schappi: xd
(03:39) (Observers) HB.: #pawlak
(03:40) (Observers) HB.: #hla
(03:41) (Observers) HB.: #pumpa
(03:42) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: wtf
(03:43) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: was that bolt
(03:47) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: if he had
(03:47) (Observers) rp.schappi: lucky
(03:49) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: almost 3 bolts
(03:49) (Observers) StonedChair: how he know he was there
(03:50) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: coming
(03:51) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: on mk
(03:54) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: he wud be in great shape
(03:57) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: wasting that bolt
(03:57) (Observers) StonedChair: oh he goin to creep with them
(03:59) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: on wolf
(04:01) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: was so useless
(04:05) (Observers) HB.: no t2?
(04:12) (Observers) HB.: pawlak a little bit afk
(04:17) (Observers) rp.schappi: pawlak expands?
(04:26) (Observers) HB.: lol he is going to play like vs leco on EA
(04:27) (Observers) rp.schappi: or tr wtf
(04:28) (Observers) RoC.leeyongjiN: fuck he does it
(04:29) (Observers) RoC.leeyongjiN: lol
(04:31) (Observers) HB.: mk mass focus no t2
(04:40) (Observers) HB.: rifle switch if rainy goes air
(04:42) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: is he upset and wants to throw?
(04:46) (Observers) HB.: no
(04:47) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: or is that normal
(04:47) (Observers) StonedChair: lol
(04:48) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: lol
(05:02) (Observers) RoC.leeyongjiN: disrespect !
(05:03) (Observers) RoC.leeyongjiN: :D
(05:04) (Observers) HB.: y
(05:14) (Observers) HB.: but why so late
(05:16) (Observers) HB.: rainy will go wave first
(05:17) (Observers) snowbreeze: damn i thought sneaky expo
(05:22) (Observers) rp.schappi: burrow
(05:23) (Observers) rp.schappi: in range
(05:25) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: if he had
(05:26) (Observers) RoC.leeyongjiN: rainy got warmill aswell
(05:27) (Observers) RoC.leeyongjiN: ^^
(05:31) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: that bolt more
(05:32) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: that he wasted
(05:34) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: on wolf
(05:35) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: -_-
(05:49) (Observers) rp.schappi: bye fs
(05:52) (Observers) HB.: nice stomp
(05:53) (Observers) snowbreeze: no
(05:55) (Observers) rp.schappi: no mana
(05:57) (Observers) snowbreeze: its over lol
(06:05) (Observers) HB.: yeah
(06:06) (Observers) HB.: wtf pawlak
(06:06) (Observers) rp.schappi: bad tr rlly
(06:07) (Observers) snowbreeze: 0-1 orc next map pls
(06:07) (Observers) rp.schappi: lal
(06:13) (Observers) HB.: u can't tower push orc like that lol
(06:18) (Observers) rp.schappi: hahaha
(06:27) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: adios
(06:28) (Observers) StonedChair: look tho
(06:28) (Observers) snowbreeze: :D
(06:29) (Observers) StonedChair: its done
(06:39) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: lol
(06:40) (Observers) rp.schappi: lal
(06:40) (Observers) rp.schappi: xd
(06:40) (Observers) StonedChair: that level lol
(06:47) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: if cata
(06:47) (Observers) HB.: did the fs have 1 hp at some point
(06:50) (Observers) StonedChair: ya
(06:51) (Observers) RoC.leeyongjiN: cata
(06:51) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: go
(06:51) (Observers) RoC.leeyongjiN: blocked
(06:51) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: go
(06:52) (Observers) snowbreeze: LOL
(06:52) (Observers) RoC.leeyongjiN: LOL
(06:55) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: cata was
(06:56) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: freewin
(06:57) (Observers) rp.schappi: gordon
(06:58) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: for orc
(06:58) (Observers) rp.schappi: :DD
(07:07) (Observers) rp.schappi: cut the fkcing treee gordon
(07:08) (Observers) StonedChair: he might have it
(07:09) (Observers) HB.: lol this is sick
(07:15) (Observers) HB.: we all called it a loss 1 min ago xD
(07:21) (Observers) HB.: even the smart toxi!
(07:22) (Observers) StonedChair: i didnt
(07:23) (Observers) RoC.leeyongjiN: cause rainy messed up
(07:24) (Observers) rp.schappi: fs
(07:25) (Observers) rp.schappi: nye
(07:26) (Observers) rp.schappi: xdd
(07:26) (Observers) RoC.leeyongjiN: witht the unit path
(07:27) (Observers) RoC.leeyongjiN: :D
(07:28) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: did i?
(07:30) (Observers) StonedChair: i play too much orc
(07:34) (Observers) StonedChair: knew orc fucked here
(07:34) (Observers) HB.: dno
(07:37) (Observers) HB.: just wanted to add it
(07:39) (Observers) HB.: for the drama
(07:42) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: look
(07:44) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: at the chatlog
(07:44) (Observers) snowbreeze: well
(07:45) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: i said
(07:46) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: "if cata"
(07:48) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: i was gonna say
(07:49) (Observers) RoC.leeyongjiN: AGAIN
(07:50) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: if it pops
(07:51) (Observers) RoC.leeyongjiN: :D
(07:53) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: on wrong side
(08:00) (Observers) StonedChair: he could have killed cat
(08:03) (Observers) HB.: is MK better than AM for this job?
(08:05) (Observers) StonedChair: if he ff with towers
(08:05) (Observers) snowbreeze: predictions are usually based on the assumptions that pplayers wont fuck up
(08:10) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: ye
(08:15) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: am would get
(08:16) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: dominated
(08:17) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: as fuck
(08:17) (Observers) StonedChair: that cat should be dead
(08:18) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: in early
(08:19) (Observers) HB.: well even if rainy had set the right flag
(08:23) (Observers) HB.: the unit path could have still been bugged
(08:26) (Observers) HB.: i have it on frostsabre all the time
(08:28) (Observers) HB.: with 2nd hero
(08:31) (Observers) HB.: even if i set 10 miniflags
(08:36) (Observers) HB.: guiding the motherfucker
(08:38) (Observers) HB.: step by step
(09:02) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: lol
(09:05) (Observers) rp.schappi: gordon
(09:06) (Observers) rp.schappi: stoned
(09:08) (Observers) rp.schappi: or what
(09:10) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: its just
(09:12) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: its blocked
(09:13) (Observers) HB.: u think u would win this ?
(09:13) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: from behind
(09:14) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: imo
(09:15) (Observers) rp.schappi: ye why no cut
(09:16) (Observers) rp.schappi: tree
(09:23) (Observers) rp.schappi: lol adam
(09:24) (Observers) rp.schappi: hahaha
(09:26) (Observers) rp.schappi: of course
(09:32) (Observers) snowbreeze: idk why he blocked the entrance with the burrow tho
(09:36) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: lol
(09:37) (Observers) rp.schappi: 3 times cata block
(09:37) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: wtf
(09:39) (Observers) rp.schappi: how retwrted
(09:41) (Observers) rp.schappi: is this german
(09:42) (Observers) rp.schappi: fuckface
(09:48) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: kill tc
(09:49) (Observers) RoC.leeyongjiN: the nl trip
(09:50) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: expand
(09:53) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: and retreat
(09:55) (Observers) rp.schappi: xD alex
(09:56) (Observers) RoC.leeyongjiN: made him dizzy all up tehre
(10:07) (Observers) rp.schappi: ye
(10:13) (Observers) rp.schappi: lost his mind
(10:14) (Observers) HB.: lol
(10:18) (Observers) HB.: i doubt any of u would win this
(10:19) (Observers) HB.: maybe toxi
(10:27) (Observers) snowbreeze: lol
(10:28) (Observers) HB.: the infamous obs mockery xD
(10:28) (Observers) rp.schappi: adam
(10:29) (Observers) rp.schappi: XD
(10:29) (Observers) RoC.leeyongjiN: this towerpush?
(10:35) (Observers) HB.: schappi u lost to pawlak's 15 supply
(10:37) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: im not mocking
(10:37) (Observers) HB.: and raged about tie
(10:38) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: rainy
(10:47) (Observers) rp.schappi: adam is funny, thinkin the elf pro would do it , but we as random players not
(10:47) (Observers) rp.schappi: aha
(10:52) (Observers) StonedChair: he needs to upgrade buildings
(10:59) (Observers) RoC.leeyongjiN: booooooooom
(11:00) (Observers) HB.: i am not saying toxi's elf would win this
(11:05) (Observers) HB.: but toxi makes super clever decisions often
(11:06) (Observers) HB.: and u know it
(11:09) (Observers) HB.: in these little situations
(11:17) (Observers) snowbreeze: ca suce
(11:18) () : The game has been paused by Pawlak_PL.
(11:18) (All) Pawlak_PL: n1Ce.Taker: 220ms, Pawlak_PL: 119ms, StonedChair: 114ms, HB.: 52ms, King.Ragnar: 48ms, ZeusPark: 41ms,
(11:18) (All) Pawlak_PL: snowbreeze: 29ms, ToXiGRiNTA: 23ms, RoC.leeyongjiN: 22ms, FeelTheSkill-: 21ms, rp.schappi: 19ms, RainyMonday: 11ms
(11:18) (All) Pawlak_PL: ,ping
(11:18) (Observers) rp.schappi: dont have to be clever, to cut a tree after 3 catas get blocked
(11:18) (Observers) rp.schappi: lal
(11:18) (Observers) HB.: lol imagine pawlak pauses it
(11:18) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: bah il a raison, il suffit de brain
(11:18) (Observers) HB.: and says
(11:18) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: pr défendre
(11:18) (Observers) HB.: "LEAVE LOL"
(11:18) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: un truc comme ça
(11:18) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: il peut faire 2 towers
(11:18) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: derriere
(11:18) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: ses burrows
(11:18) (Observers) snowbreeze: bah oui mais il dit que personne aurait pu win ca
(11:18) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: et l'hu
(11:18) (Observers) HB.: ,ping
(11:18) (All) Pawlak_PL: Pawlak_PL: 151ms, n1Ce.Taker: 120ms, StonedChair: 112ms, King.Ragnar: 47ms, ZeusPark: 39ms, HB.: 37ms,
(11:18) (All) Pawlak_PL: snowbreeze: 27ms, ToXiGRiNTA: 24ms, RoC.leeyongjiN: 20ms, FeelTheSkill-: 20ms, rp.schappi: 17ms, RainyMonday: 10ms
(11:18) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: pourra jamais
(11:18) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: les tuer
(11:18) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: ensuite
(11:18) (All) Pawlak_PL: try?
(11:18) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: il pouvait harass
(11:18) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: avec fs
(11:18) (Observers) StonedChair: rainy on 10ms lmfao
(11:18) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: sur la base
(11:18) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: au lieu de creep un vert
(11:18) (Observers) StonedChair: that is such a big advantage 10 ms
(11:18) (All) RainyMonday: g
(11:18) () : The game has been resumed by Pawlak_PL.
(11:18) (Observers) StonedChair: basically no lag
(11:24) (Observers) HB.: schappi
(11:25) (Observers) HB.: he has no WOOD
(11:33) (Observers) HB.: and u had to fill the burrows
(11:35) (Observers) HB.: with peons
(11:37) (Observers) rp.schappi: adam ur coming now with no wood
(11:38) (Observers) HB.: so cutting wasn't that easy
(11:38) (Observers) rp.schappi: ur funny
(11:39) (Observers) StonedChair: he needs to focus peasants
(11:39) (Observers) rp.schappi: after
(11:41) (Observers) HB.: especially since
(11:43) (Observers) StonedChair: with area of attack
(11:43) (Observers) HB.: because i had to check it
(11:44) (Observers) rp.schappi: 5mins
(11:46) (Observers) StonedChair: attack ground
(11:52) (Observers) rp.schappi: he produced 3 catas
(11:54) (Observers) rp.schappi: and still had 200wood
(11:54) (Observers) rp.schappi: left
(11:56) (Observers) rp.schappi: so what
(11:57) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: is that fs
(11:58) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: locked out
(11:58) (Observers) rp.schappi: hes just dumb
(11:58) (Observers) HB.: i wanted to check if the burrows were filled or not
(12:01) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: or is there a space
(12:02) (Observers) HB.: he has no wood which means they were filled
(12:03) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: between burrow
(12:04) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: and rax
(12:07) (Observers) StonedChair: he should attack ground
(12:07) (Observers) HB.: so he had no peons to cut the wood with
(12:09) (Observers) StonedChair: with cat
(12:12) (Observers) HB.: mb the gold ones
(12:12) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: smart
(12:18) (Observers) HB.: ,check pawlak_pl
(12:18) (All) Pawlak_PL: Checked player [Pawlak_PL]. Ping: 33ms, From: PL, Admin: Yes, Owner: Yes, Spoof Checked: Yes, Realm:, Reserve
(12:22) (Observers) rp.schappi: he had 1-2peons when the tavern was appart
(12:22) (Observers) HB.: pawlak back on 33ms
(12:26) (Observers) rp.schappi: on the left aside
(12:30) (Observers) HB.: lol these bashes
(12:35) (Observers) HB.: i am just saying u shouldn't shit on rainy
(12:36) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: creep mid
(12:37) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: and expand
(12:39) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: do something else
(12:42) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: its not gonna finish
(12:43) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: the orc
(12:46) (Observers) snowbreeze: l'orc il aurait pu win 2000 fois
(12:53) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: il peut tjs
(12:54) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: si l'hu
(12:55) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: continue
(12:57) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: de push
(13:01) (Observers) snowbreeze: je sais pas pk il dit que personne aurait win
(13:09) (Observers) snowbreeze: il cherche trop à valoriser son pote
(13:13) (Observers) rp.schappi: sry, but 3 cata blocks ^^
(13:46) (Observers) HB.: what do u think of the stomp pick?
(13:54) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: wave is kinda useless
(13:54) (Observers) RoC.leeyongjiN: fine
(13:54) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: tbh
(13:56) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: on low level
(13:58) (Observers) RoC.leeyongjiN: wave would do that much dmg
(13:59) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: it brings almost nothing
(14:00) (Observers) RoC.leeyongjiN: this early
(14:02) (Observers) rp.schappi: its goodtoo defend
(14:06) (Observers) HB.: i thought wave would kill the workers
(14:07) (Observers) HB.: with cina
(14:08) (Observers) HB.: chain
(14:09) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: stomp brings something
(14:11) (Observers) HB.: 2 waves 1 chain
(14:12) (Observers) HB.: and bye
(14:22) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: bash the cata
(14:23) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: lol
(14:25) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: so unlucky
(14:26) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: did u see
(14:31) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: he bashed the peon
(14:32) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: instead
(14:32) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: xD
(14:55) (Observers) HB.: pawlak has to
(14:55) (Observers) HB.: go t2
(14:57) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: he had to retreat
(15:00) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: and expo tower
(15:01) (Observers) HB.: stop with the footmen shit
(15:03) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: when he had
(15:05) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: still 5 foot
(15:06) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: coz then
(15:08) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: he cud creep mid etc
(15:13) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: well now
(15:14) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: is still ok
(15:24) (Observers) HB.: let's see how his creeping works
(15:26) (Observers) HB.: the wolves are dead
(15:31) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: he has to expo
(15:46) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: cancel it
(15:48) (Observers) HB.: anyone remembers zizo creeping mid first with mass militia
(15:48) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: and back peons
(15:51) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: he will need them
(15:54) (Observers) HB.: toxi u do
(15:55) (Observers) HB.: for sure
(15:57) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: vs me?
(15:59) (Observers) HB.: was it after natural or straight
(16:04) (Observers) HB.: it was in some poon3ss movie
(16:07) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: definitely straight
(16:07) (Observers) HB.: or mentor's
(16:17) (Observers) HB.: so he went through the green gnolls somehow?
(16:25) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: with some pos
(16:26) (Observers) HB.: or mb creeped them first
(16:28) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: its easy
(16:36) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: u can do it vs elf who dont scout
(16:36) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: like me
(16:37) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: xD
(16:40) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: but now i scout
(16:41) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: :)
(16:42) (Observers) HB.: xD
(16:50) (Observers) HB.: i remember saibot creeping rift first with dl 5 ghouls
(16:52) (Observers) HB.: vs elves like u ;)
(16:59) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: u can do it
(17:00) (Observers) HB.: lol the items on pawlak
(17:01) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: on LT
(17:01) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: too
(17:03) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: its not hard
(17:03) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: xD
(17:03) (Observers) HB.: he must be disappointed
(17:32) (Observers) HB.: bolt in a sec
(17:40) (Observers) HB.: POM
(17:48) (Observers) HB.: .
(17:48) (Observers) RoC.leeyongjiN: go for it
(17:49) (Observers) RoC.leeyongjiN: :IO
(17:51) (Observers) HB.: yeah
(17:53) (Observers) HB.: trade the stone lol
(18:05) (Observers) RoC.leeyongjiN: this game is guud!
(18:07) (Observers) HB.: y
(18:10) (Observers) HB.: rotw imo
(18:23) (Observers) HB.: mb top? dno, would have to rewatch from rainy's side
(18:27) (Observers) HB.: schappi says he played bad
(18:27) (Observers) HB.: ,drop
(18:27) (All) Pawlak_PL: StonedChair lagged out (dropped by admin).
(18:27) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: soon fs
(18:28) (All) RainyMonday: ,drop
(18:29) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: doesnt die
(18:30) (Observers) HB.: ,synclimit 10000
(18:30) (All) Pawlak_PL: Setting sync limit to the maximum of 10000 packets.
(18:30) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: in a bolt
(18:38) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: now
(18:39) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: he dont die
(18:40) (Observers) rp.schappi: ur blind adam?
(18:45) (Observers) HB.: what?
(18:56) (Observers) rp.schappi: i said the 3 cata stuck was bad
(19:00) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: bolt
(19:01) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: on the tc
(19:02) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: repeatedly
(19:03) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: lol
(19:04) (Observers) HB.: no u mocked his play saying he was stoned
(19:08) (Observers) rp.schappi: he could had finished it , if he just had cut the tree right in time
(19:11) (Observers) rp.schappi: bla bla bla
(19:26) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: lol
(19:28) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: that game is so good
(19:30) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: honestly
(19:31) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: if hu wins
(19:33) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: its insane
(19:36) (Observers) RoC.leeyongjiN: yes
(19:43) (Observers) HB.: he wants to lure the fs out somehow
(19:44) (Observers) HB.: with the low mk mb
(19:45) (Observers) rp.schappi: pawlak expand
(19:46) (Observers) snowbreeze: no wood
(19:51) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: 0 wood
(19:56) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: keep mk there
(19:57) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: 2 bolts
(19:58) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: is enough
(19:59) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: for u
(20:01) (Observers) HB.: rainy STOP TAKING GOLD
(20:11) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: fuck me
(20:13) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: he'll do it
(20:16) (Observers) RoC.leeyongjiN: ye
(20:18) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: pawlak bang my wife
(20:25) (Observers) RoC.leeyongjiN: pawlak deliverin
(20:27) (Observers) RoC.leeyongjiN: 1st game
(20:27) (Observers) RoC.leeyongjiN: :D
(20:30) (Observers) HB.: rainy is like "FUCK, the mk is back"
(20:34) (Observers) HB.: LOL
(20:35) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: nooo
(20:36) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: wtf
(20:38) (Observers) rp.schappi: alda der mk
(20:39) (Observers) rp.schappi: xD
(20:40) (Observers) rp.schappi: witzig
(20:41) (Observers) HB.: XD
(20:43) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: why not bolt fs
(20:45) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: instead of that shit
(20:50) (Observers) HB.: he wanted the 71 dmg
(20:52) (Observers) HB.: with the gloves
(20:55) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: 500 hp
(20:58) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: for free
(20:58) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: too
(20:59) (Observers) RoC.leeyongjiN: pawlak needs tog et the fs
(21:04) (Observers) RoC.leeyongjiN: !
(21:07) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: lol
(21:07) (Observers) rp.schappi: LOL
(21:08) (Observers) HB.: lol
(21:08) (Observers) rp.schappi: miss
(21:08) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: missclick?
(21:10) (Observers) rp.schappi: bolt
(21:11) (Observers) rp.schappi: xxdd
(21:12) (Observers) HB.: one bolt more
(21:19) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: 2 catas
(21:20) (Observers) HB.: now wait for the avatar to expire
(21:21) (Observers) HB.: use the stone
(21:22) (Observers) HB.: and KILL EM
(21:31) (Observers) rp.schappi: block with wolves the entrys
(21:34) (Observers) RoC.leeyongjiN: get an invis pot
(21:37) (Observers) rp.schappi: nicenice
(21:47) (Observers) snowbreeze: il va lose ce con XD
(21:48) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: if that mk
(21:48) (Observers) RoC.leeyongjiN: yes
(21:49) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: catches
(21:52) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: si le mk
(21:53) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: encule le fs
(21:55) (Observers) rp.schappi: rainy goes for harras
(22:02) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: aahhhh
(22:03) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: mdr
(22:06) (Observers) snowbreeze: il va air now
(22:13) (Observers) HB.: bring ALL THE MILITIA
(22:14) (Observers) HB.: to the expo
(22:16) (Observers) HB.: and defend there
(22:24) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: mdr
(22:26) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: ils font quoi
(22:34) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: mk chasing level: JASON VS SAIBOT
(22:39) (Observers) HB.: LO
(22:39) (Observers) HB.: L
(22:53) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: 500 gold
(22:56) (Observers) HB.: revealed the mk
(23:03) (Observers) HB.: LOL that went down easily
(23:17) (Observers) HB.: gordon tp
(23:30) (Observers) HB.: the catas
(23:32) (Observers) HB.: are so late
(23:33) (Observers) HB.: for the party
(23:37) (Observers) HB.: they are just looking for a place to hang out
(23:48) (Observers) HB.: lol the cata rush
(23:51) (Observers) HB.: ??????
(23:53) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: rainy is so fucked
(23:54) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: 0 gold
(23:55) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: no altar
(23:56) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: just a fs
(23:58) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: i mean
(24:01) (Observers) HB.: he has
(24:04) (Observers) HB.: 500 workers tho
(24:13) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: but mk
(24:14) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: kills them
(24:15) (Observers) HB.: lol knew the bash would work
(24:15) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: now
(24:20) (Observers) HB.: bash is cheated this game
(24:23) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: bash
(24:24) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: BASH
(24:25) (Observers) HB.: mb it's cause of the gloves lol
(24:26) (Observers) RoC.leeyongjiN: xD
(24:27) (Observers) HB.: looks unnatural
(24:45) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: nothing to see
(24:46) (Observers) HB.: pawlak has moved the peasants
(24:46) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: there
(24:47) (Observers) HB.: good
(24:55) (Observers) snowbreeze: go game 2 plzz
(24:56) (Observers) rp.schappi: over anyway
(24:58) (Observers) rp.schappi: leavbe rainy
(25:00) (Observers) King.Ragnar: lol
(25:04) (Observers) King.Ragnar: i went to do shit
(25:04) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: he can still
(25:05) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: be annoying
(25:06) (Observers) King.Ragnar: and take a shower
(25:08) (Observers) King.Ragnar: and still
(25:09) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: for a really long time
(25:11) (Observers) King.Ragnar: the game is there xd
(25:16) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: cancel T2
(25:18) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: at main
(25:19) (Observers) King.Ragnar: is it rotw?
(25:22) (Observers) HB.: rainy has another tp
(25:37) (Observers) HB.: bash?
(25:37) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: bolt lives matter
(25:46) (Observers) RoC.leeyongjiN: lol
(25:51) (Observers) King.Ragnar: lol
(25:52) (Observers) King.Ragnar: pawlak did
(25:56) (Observers) King.Ragnar: mk first?
(26:01) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: only T1
(26:02) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: tower rush
(26:03) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: xD
(26:05) (Observers) HB.: mejor u missed the best game of 2017
(26:06) (Observers) King.Ragnar: lol
(26:07) (Observers) HB.: stupid mejor
(26:07) (Observers) King.Ragnar: rly?
(26:08) (Observers) King.Ragnar: xd
(26:11) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: y
(26:17) (Observers) King.Ragnar: hahah
(26:17) (Observers) King.Ragnar: nice
(26:23) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: he is wondering
(26:25) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: if he is losing
(26:26) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: or if orc
(26:28) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: is totally toast
(26:29) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: xd
(26:51) (Observers) snowbreeze: the last march of the peons
(26:54) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: xD
(26:57) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: la marche de l'empereur
(27:02) (Observers) HB.: hey rainy ;) ;) #saibot #opaw
(27:07) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: JASON
(27:09) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: GO RIGHT
(27:10) (Observers) ToXiGRiNTA: GO RIGHT
(27:21) (All) RainyMonday: gg
(27:21) (All) Pawlak_PL: RainyMonday has left the game voluntarily.
(27:21) (All) Pawlak_PL: Pawlak_PL has left the game voluntarily.
(27:21) (All) ToXiGRiNTA: ToXiGRiNTA has left the game voluntarily.

(Date: 18.03.2017 01:57:15) #1 [
- [

Game 1


rMaps 2.0 DL:


(Date: 19.03.2017 17:31:57) #2 [
- [

Ahah, this is something i always enjoyed to do in the past. Glad to see that there's somebody still remembering some old tactics.

The game is fun and the scenario is very unusual, BUT the game is very one-sided.
Rainy seemed to be very surprised/unprapared to Pawlak's strategy and that made him unable to counter it properly.

I would love to reward Pawlak performance, because it's very educational... but Orc didn't give me even the illusion of a comeback. I can't promote a game with the end revealed after frist 5 minutes.


(Date: 19.03.2017 17:38:16) #3 [
- [


There was a rally bug/ not enough space for my catas to spawn on the left side of my barracks. Very weird interpretation you have of the situation, I'd like to see Pawlak win this if not 4 of my catapults died.


(Date: 20.03.2017 06:35:48) #4 [
- [

very standard game from the past, except for the outcome. orcs were almost always straight teching vs hu, and hu's were often trying to tower push, but all good orcs knew how to easily stop it.....

now we come to THIS orc..... how awful he played here. i can almost guarantee i would have won this 15 minutes earlier in orc's position.
1. when tower push is starting, focus the peasants first. don't worry about the footmen.
2. if catas wouldn't rally to the small spot behind rax, use the 1 cata that survived to cut down the trees next to the rax so the new catas can immediately go behind the rax from top side
3. keep catas focus fired on towers. i believe twice there was a tower that was 1 hit away from drying, and then some footman or peasant came in range, and cata stopped attacking the tower and autoattacked the unit, allowing the tower to live
4. ?!?!?!?!?!?! maybe don't run your farseer right thru mk, towers, and footmen trying to get back behind base??!?!?
5. why even bring farseer back to base?!? instead of creeping the ogre in bottom left of temple with your lvl 3 fs, just go harass hu main base, and the game is 100% done. hu had no towers at home and most peasants went to orc base. could've easily wiped the hu economy and ended the game at 10 minute mark. not sure why you sent the fs back home. it was clear you didnt need it. hu couldn't advance the push at all. you spent the time to creep the ogre, and hu accomplished nothing while your fs was away.

i don't understand the excitement among the observers. for me this was a very common scenario played horribly by one player. it was not intense at all. there was 0 pressure on the orc. without elements, hu cannot kill any burrow, and without ranged units, hu cannot kill the peons that are repairing. there was literally 0 chance that orc base would die before the gold ran out. i dont think the tc needed to be in base either. fs and tc could've gone and run the map. for an experienced player, this would be a very relaxing pressureless game, but as the previous commenter said, the orc seemed very unprepared to take this easy win.

good play from human, but definitely not top or rotw 4/10


(Date: 21.03.2017 02:01:12) #5 [
- [

-The blissfuly unaware computer(easy)-like human player
-The scared HB.
-The very unprepared orc

More nicknames to come I guess!


(Date: 21.03.2017 20:32:36) #6 [
- [

interesting game, pawlak played well, to me it seemed a lil like rainy played for the excitement tho!

btw who is this Lord Mastermind again? Remember this guy giving advices long time ago... (not saying he wasnt wrong in some of these), but never saw any reps of him - what makes me wonder who this theorycraft-loving boy is?


(Date: 22.03.2017 14:37:31) #7 [
- [

a 3s rt player


(Date: 15.12.2017 23:41:51) #8 [
- [

"very standard game from the past"

"now we come to THIS orc....."

"?!?!?!?!?!?! maybe don't run your farseer right thru mk, towers, and footmen trying to get back behind base??!?!?"

"i don't understand the excitement among the observers"

"it was not intense at all"

"or an experienced player, this would be a very relaxing pressureless game"

"the orc seemed very unprepared to take this easy win"


Miss you, Bell.


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