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Uploader: RainyMonday
Host: rocarena_host
Date: 05.10.2016 22:47:20
Gametype: Custom (1on1)
Mapname: Maps(2)rocarenaSecretValley2.0.w3m
Tournament BMFC
Version: v1.27
Duration: 09:23 min
Added in WatchList: 0 time(s).
Replay Info: BMFC - Winner Semifinals - ToXiGRiNTA vs RapiNG - Game 5

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Show Winner


Team 1( Winner )
RapiNG (264 APM | 2472 Actions)
» Heroes » Actions » Hotkeys » Units » Upgrades » Buildings » Items
Ability icon 2 Feral Spirit
Ability icon 3 Chain Lighting
Hero icon 5 Far Seer
Hot.N Assigned Used
Right click987
Select group hotkey544
Assign group hotkey366
Select / deselect307
Basic commands113
Use ability74
Build / train57
Enter build submenu8
Remove unit from queue6
Select subgroup5
Enter hero's abilities submenu5
Total 2472
Peon 6
Troll Headhunter/Berserker 42
6720 840
Total 48 7260 840
Pillage 0
Ranged Weapons 1
75 50
Armor 1
100 100
Total 2 175 150
Orc Burrow 4
680 200
Barracks 2
480 160
War Mill 1
Altar of Storms 1
300 100
Total 8 1700 460
00:03 Altar of Storms
00:14 Orc Burrow
00:47 War Mill
01:07 Barracks
01:46 Orc Burrow
02:23 Barracks
02:55 Orc Burrow
04:29 Orc Burrow
Wand of Negation 1
Total 1 200 0
Team 2
ToXiGRiNTA (163 APM | 1523 Actions)
» Heroes » Actions » Hotkeys » Units » Upgrades » Buildings » Items
Ability icon 2 Evasion
Ability icon 1 Mana Burn
Ability icon 1 Entangling Roots
Ability icon 1 Force of Nature
Hero icon 3 Demon Hunter Hero icon 2 Keeper of the Grove
Hot.N Assigned Used
Right click577
Select group hotkey476
Select / deselect279
Assign group hotkey71
Use ability47
Build / train39
Enter build submenu12
Basic commands7
Select subgroup5
Enter hero's abilities submenu5
Give item / drop item3
ESC pressed2
Total 1523
Wisp 10
Archer 7
1050 70
Huntress 10
2250 200
Total 27 4000 270
Improved Bows 1
100 75
Total 1 100 75
Moon Well 3
525 120
Tree of Ages 2
640 160
Ancient of Lore 2
480 160
Hunter's Hall 1
245 100
Ancient of War 1
230 70
Altar of Elders 1
300 100
Total 10 2420 710
00:14 Altar of Elders
00:15 Moon Well
00:20 Ancient of War
01:47 Moon Well
02:30 Tree of Ages
02:30 Tree of Ages
03:45 Moon Well
03:47 Hunter's Hall
05:06 Ancient of Lore
05:31 Ancient of Lore
Scroll of Healing 2
Wand of Negation 2
Potion of Healing 2
Total 6 1200 0
Chatlog: Display
(00:00) (All) RainyMonday: Shortest load by player [Pawlak_PL] was 2.12 seconds.
(00:00) (All) RainyMonday: Longest load by player [snowbreeze] was 7.50 seconds.
(00:00) (13) RainyMonday: Your load time was 4.70 seconds.
(00:00) (All) RainyMonday:
(00:00) (All) RainyMonday:
(00:00) (All) RainyMonday:
(00:00) (All) RainyMonday: - the main portal for WarCraft III: RoC.
(00:00) (All) RainyMonday:
(00:00) (All) RainyMonday:
(00:00) (All) RainyMonday:
(00:00) (All) RainyMonday: Get your own Hostbot, MINECRAFT Server and more at!
(00:04) (All) ChasingTheSun: glhf
(00:04) (Observers) WisteriaLane: r u trolling?
(00:13) (Observers) High5: no, shitforbrains
(00:14) (Observers) MauRiCe96: HE IS SMOKING
(00:26) (Observers) WisteriaLane: #xiva
(00:32) (All) ToXiGRiNTA: glhf
(00:34) (Observers) snowbreeze: pillage
(00:38) (Observers) snowbreeze: no wait he canceled
(00:47) (Observers) LISTENTOURHEART: why this aow placement
(00:53) (Observers) WisteriaLane: for aow creep
(00:54) (Observers) LISTENTOURHEART: why???
(00:54) (Observers) RainyMonday: hh
(00:57) (Observers) WisteriaLane: and fast tech, no archers
(01:03) (Observers) WisteriaLane: i mean 1-2 archers
(01:05) (Observers) RainyMonday: no grunts here
(01:06) (Observers) RainyMonday: interesting
(01:06) (Observers) WisteriaLane: xiva played it, but i dno what for
(01:23) (Observers) Pawlak_PL: lol he copied me
(01:27) (Observers) Pawlak_PL: :D
(01:28) (Observers) snowbreeze: lol
(01:32) (Observers) High5: who did
(01:34) (Observers) RainyMonday: pawlak noone copies you ..
(01:39) (Observers) Pawlak_PL: i won 3 times in a row
(01:40) (Observers) Pawlak_PL: vs tito
(01:42) (Observers) Pawlak_PL: orc vs ne
(01:44) (Observers) Pawlak_PL: mass hh
(01:51) (Observers) snowbreeze: :)
(01:54) (Observers) MauRiCe96: ))
(01:55) (Observers) RainyMonday: =)
(01:55) (Observers) WisteriaLane: rainy's positive vibe is irresistible
(01:56) (Observers) LISTENTOURHEART: ;-)
(01:59) (Observers) ArnOrc: 2 healing pool
(01:59) (Observers) Pawlak_PL: joke ofc :)
(02:07) (Observers) RainyMonday: haha paw^^
(02:11) (Observers) RainyMonday: u tricked us
(02:11) (Observers) Pawlak_PL: tito will win
(02:18) (Observers) MauRiCe96: I watched an Arno replay here, HHs and tower creeping both founts
(02:18) (Observers) MauRiCe96: )
(02:32) (Observers) ArnOrc: tower tha way
(02:33) (Observers) ArnOrc: :p
(02:42) (Observers) MauRiCe96: !
(02:47) (Observers) RainyMonday: i like
(02:51) (Observers) RainyMonday: dual rax ftw
(02:52) (Observers) High5: what you think of mass hh vs 2 archers?
(02:55) (Observers) RainyMonday: for the horde*
(02:55) (Observers) ArnOrc: btw cant watch any of my old replay because of new version :/
(03:02) (Observers) MauRiCe96: theres a version
(03:03) (Observers) MauRiCe96: changer
(03:04) (Observers) LISTENTOURHEART: mass hh > 2 archers
(03:05) (Observers) LISTENTOURHEART: crab
(03:07) (Observers) MauRiCe96: which changes the rep
(03:08) (Observers) High5: there's a nice tool replayers promoted
(03:10) (Observers) WisteriaLane: dl rep converter from rocarena
(03:11) (Observers) MauRiCe96: to the current w3 version
(03:16) (Observers) RainyMonday: XD
(03:18) (Observers) High5: replayers linked it long time ago
(03:19) (Observers) RainyMonday: crab needling
(03:24) (Observers) High5: nice replay converter
(03:28) (Observers) RainyMonday: the site he is admin on
(03:30) (Observers) ArnOrc: gonna check it
(03:30) (Observers) WisteriaLane: takes 1 sec to convert a rep, crab's tool is shit
(03:30) (Observers) RainyMonday: nice
(03:38) (Observers) High5: actually it's the same tool
(03:47) (Observers) WisteriaLane: it's ghost's converter lol
(03:48) (Observers) High5: but adam wouldn't promote it while replayers did it first and was still up
(03:52) (Observers) ArnOrc: is closed btw?
(04:00) (Observers) snowbreeze: y
(04:09) (Observers) WisteriaLane: u mean some kind of version switcher i guess
(04:11) (Observers) High5: oh that converter... well rocarena converter only changes between 126 and 127
(04:12) (Observers) WisteriaLane: and i mean a rep converter
(04:17) (Observers) High5: arnorc played way before that
(04:25) (Observers) LISTENTOURHEART: rap converter
(04:49) (Observers) snowbreeze: MH
(04:55) (Observers) WisteriaLane: what's that aow for when he makes archers anyway?
(05:04) (Observers) LISTENTOURHEART: stylish man
(05:06) (Observers) High5: #style
(05:15) (Observers) WisteriaLane: nice to see crab impressed for once
(05:20) (Observers) High5: no
(05:20) (Observers) snowbreeze: ancient of lores
(05:22) (Observers) WisteriaLane: i'm glad u r enjoying the stylish show
(05:25) (Observers) High5: jason used cooler aow placements
(05:31) (Observers) High5: when I massed cgs vs him
(05:35) (Observers) WisteriaLane: ah this jason... <3 <3 <3 <3
(05:45) (Observers) RainyMonday: double lores
(05:46) (Observers) WisteriaLane: he is a beautiful flower
(05:51) (Observers) RainyMonday: ouch
(05:55) (Observers) LISTENTOURHEART: he wasnt that cool as that canadian fag though
(05:55) (Observers) ArnOrc: vs hh strange choixe
(06:04) (Observers) RainyMonday: raping bring peons for TR = ty
(06:08) (Observers) WisteriaLane: u mean the sublime ced?
(06:13) (Observers) snowbreeze: wizah?
(06:13) (Observers) LISTENTOURHEART: sophisticated
(06:14) (Observers) LISTENTOURHEART: ced
(06:17) (Observers) High5: tbh can't name a single play by the canadian sophisticated fag
(06:21) (Observers) WisteriaLane: ah
(06:22) (Observers) High5: but he was sophisticated
(06:33) (Observers) RainyMonday: BURN
(06:34) (Observers) Pawlak_PL: burrrn
(06:34) (Observers) RainyMonday: fs?
(06:35) (Observers) ArnOrc: soon wolf
(06:35) (Observers) Pawlak_PL: to late
(06:35) (Observers) RainyMonday: ehm
(06:47) (Observers) snowbreeze: warkeys ))
(06:56) (Observers) WisteriaLane: well it's nothing new that toxi doesn't scout at all
(07:16) (Observers) ArnOrc: he cjed him he saw that before making tree
(07:19) (Observers) snowbreeze: next time
(07:24) (Observers) snowbreeze: make ancient protectors
(07:25) (Observers) snowbreeze: NOOB
(07:28) (Observers) WisteriaLane: snow what's your 2nd race after elf?
(07:44) (Observers) WisteriaLane: lol this kotg control
(07:47) (Observers) RainyMonday: mb ask his unknown partner
(07:51) (Observers) High5: orc dead
(08:12) (Observers) ArnOrc: n,ice
(08:14) (Observers) RainyMonday: rly wp by raping
(08:15) (Observers) LISTENTOURHEART: #kreayshawn
(08:18) (Observers) WisteriaLane: focus hh not fs
(08:20) (Observers) WisteriaLane: with those hunts
(08:43) (Observers) High5: maybe fs 6 could make a comeback
(08:44) (Observers) WisteriaLane: this was the worst match of toxi i have ever seen, way worse than those 0-3 mirrors he was losing to raping
(08:58) (Observers) High5: luckily this map has 2 red spots and many orange ones left
(09:00) (Observers) Pawlak_PL: gg tito
(09:07) (Observers) RainyMonday: i think the elf mirrors are worse adam :)
(09:14) (Observers) ArnOrc: didnt think orc would manage this easily
(09:16) (Observers) WisteriaLane: r u serious? macro of toxi
(09:17) (All) ToXiGRiNTA: i think we need more sobis
(09:18) (Observers) WisteriaLane: is a joke
(09:19) (All) ToXiGRiNTA: one at each creep spot
(09:20) (Observers) WisteriaLane: sobi LOL
(09:20) (All) RainyMonday: ToXiGRiNTA has left the game voluntarily.
(09:21) (All) RainyMonday: ChasingTheSun has left the game voluntarily.
(09:21) (All) RainyMonday: cocainejesus has left the game voluntarily.
(09:22) (All) RainyMonday: WisteriaLane has left the game voluntarily.
(09:22) (All) RainyMonday: snowbreeze has left the game voluntarily.

(Date: 07.10.2016 22:19:37) #1 [
- [

Lol elf losing in 9 min^^
why no ancient defender or keeper to counter towers?
Toxi was really disrespectful in this series if you ask me
this dh solo weird gaming with no expanding...
I think that he wanted to humiliate Raping and also have an excuse if it fails (fun gaming bla bla). Vs teca he played strange too
deserved win by orcish porcish


(Date: 09.10.2016 16:27:40) #2 [
- [

I think toxi tried to innovate once again, or maybe he counted on metamorphosis to carry him since he was behind (in g1). At that moment the orc had raiders and lots of units which means easy surround that is to say a KoTG easy to kill.
Toxi is the best elf, there's no doubt, I can understand this choice. He know the race, he is smart, by the way why is it weird? He won because of that. Really well played.

I don't think he wanted to humiliate RapiNG at all, because I don't see how you can do this. I mean nobody can (nowadays), and he is the first one to know that. Why do you think he seems so bored of warcraft III? Because he understood that he could never do a shit vs RapiNG anymore. And he is not the first one...
RapiNG > ALL. Nobody is even near his level. Maybe an active Rainy would have chances but no one else.
As sad as it seems.

I think Toxi played well but RapiNG was better especially in this game.
Such a clever game from RapiNG to play dual rax hh vs aow creep. People usually think RapiNG is just a robot but he is smarter than you think. Really well played T2.

Also, Toxi complained about the sobi masks. I'd say it balances the game vs elf since it benefits mostly to every race but elf. If you don't want your opponent to get a sobi, then you have to block him. As simple as that. Scout with wisps... Cj... I mean It's totally doable for elf. Irrelevant complaint. Imho only undead can complain for this (and I already talked about that, we already thought of removing the drakes)

thx for reading


(Date: 09.10.2016 18:32:32) #3 [
- [

Hey Peni
I think just because Toxi made some strange decisions it doesn't mean that they were good... they were very bad... like expo or kotg. without kotg u can't kill units in mid game. expo is a great thing too
agree that Toxi is not a top player anymore. he declined too much. If Raping and Rainy are active, they are much above the rest atm. The great talent LNo is gone, just like Saibot, Eki, Xiva, HLA...
The only competitor for Raping and Rainy I see is Pawlak. When he plays his best, he can even outplay them, but from what I understand he deals with a lot of outside difficulties, technical ones and others which is why he sometimes plays very very bad
My point was that Toxi played strange. Also vs hot.teca where he lost very easy. I think that he wanted to humiliate both with weird gaming or just didn't care and wanted to have excuse. perhaps you know him well so you can understand his reasons well. but for me it looked like i said
His tactics were very strange and worked bad. sorry


(Date: 09.10.2016 18:47:47) #4 [
- [

I put a green potion at your first comment.
Cause I agree with you on most of your points.
Could not agree more with that last one. We miss LNo peki and cie way too much....

yes toxi did mistakes, I can't find a reason for everything, but about G1, its totally understandable. I would have not KoTG too. Only xp on DH. And maybe he thought Raping add disp. Imagine 500 gold for a useless root? guy I cant agree with you on this part. The kotg less gameplay was smart and splendid.


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