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Replay of the Year 2017

TeCa vs la0s
heke & linlin)THEone vs RapiNG & POON3SS
RainyMonday vs heke
Sonik vs ToXiGRiNTA
ZeusPark vs RapiNG


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Race Masters VI: The Play-Offs (150$)

(click the image to enlarge it)

(click the image to enlarge it)

(click the image to enlarge it)

(click the image to enlarge it)

Grand Final

Pawlak     vs     RainyMonday
Game 1       Game 2       Game 3       Game 4       Game 5

Winners Bracket

RainyMonday     vs     Pawlak
Game 1       Game 2       Game 3       Game 4

RainyMonday     vs     RapiNG
Game 1       Game 2       Game 3       Game 4

YURTHEBESTOFCTT     vs     Pawlak
Game 1       Game 2       Game 3       Game 4

Game 1       Game 2       Game 3       Game 4       Game 5

RainyMonday     vs     ToXiGRiNTA
Game 1       Game 2       Game 3       Game 4

RapiNG     vs     schappi
Game 1       Game 2       Game 3

kangArOO     vs     Pawlak
Game 1       Game 2       Game 3       Game 4       Game 5

Losers Bracket

RainyMonday     vs     YURTHEBESTOFCTT
Game 1       Game 2       Game 3       Game 4       Game 5

Game 1       Game 2       Game 3       Game 4       Game 5

RapiNG     vs     ToXiGRiNTA
Game 1       Game 2       Game 3       Game 4       Game 5

Game 1       Game 2       Game 3       Game 4

ToXiGRiNTA     vs     schappi
Game 1       Game 2       Game 3       Game 4

Leco     vs     kangArOO
Game 1       Game 2       Game 3       Game 4

(click the image to enlarge it)

Group Stage Replays & Event Information

The Best Performer: ToXiGRiNTA

Posted on 07/01/2016 - 09:34:33 by HB

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Most read story about :
Race Masters VI (150$)

"Race Masters VI: The Play-Offs (150$)" | Login/Create an Account | 93 comments
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#1 07/01/2016 - 12:11:46
LECO - MOUSE ( Leco wins unless he plays like shit )

PAWLAK - KANGA ( If kanga plays his usual self and pawlak doesn't play shit pawlak shud win )

TOXI ( If toxi just plays his basic elf shit he wins )

RAPING ( Schappi best ud mirror ???? ) raping wins

but how can the best UD mirror player lose an UD mirror? :O


#2 07/01/2016 - 17:09:32
I like the sticky races. I rly do.

Rainy only orc:) gl!

I am really glad about what happened here.
We have only great and interesting matches.

Mouse - Leco  => leco should win it though mouse showed a really impressive level recently, the mu is great, this one will be really good. 

Kanga - pawlak => Pawlak elf is half abuse/half trolling the opponent, and kanga is really good vs nelf imho, so here again another great match. Can't bet on anyone here LOL

Schappi - T2 => So we already have an UD in the semis. Looks good for the scourge.
I can't see schappi winning it though if he plays like he did vs LNo he can beat everyone. Already said he is under rated. T2 might win it.
UD mirror great! 

And I kept the best for the end :

ToXi - Rainy

Rainy's orc vs elf is well known for his 50 top replays, no one seems to be more able to win this mu.
Though Toxi is by far the best elf (except mirror, where Rainy is)
Fucking great match coming.
I can't bet for this one. 
Most of you would say DH6 gg elf imba or whatever, but I do believe in rainy's greatness. 
Probably one promoted replay here :)
Best orc vs best elf => jizzy


#3 07/01/2016 - 21:10:43
Yurthebest is a much better player than Leco, but there are many maps where und is a free food for hum^^
the map-pool will play a fundamental role here
if it doesn't have bs maps then Yurthebest will win 3-1
Kangaroo against Pawlak is a tie to me
Both players shined during the group stage
I think positions will decide the winner
Rainymonday vs Toxi is super exciting and it's hard to predict anything
I will go with Rainy though, he is the more skilled player out of the two and orc is stronger against elf than hum and und are
schappi can pack his bags already, I don't think there is anybody he can beat with his undead in this top8
on top of that he is facing the biggest creeper in the tourney and creeping often wins undead mirrors


#4 07/01/2016 - 21:18:16
As far as I know, schappi really HATES any kind of mirror. It will be funny to see how he's gonna handle this!
By the way, I was wondering how the pairs for the losers bracket are going to be like, so I've taken a look at the Olympics' to refresh my mind and there it was loserMatchA-loserC and loserB-loserC. What about C-D and A-B (in this precise order) instead?
+round 1 LB: no group stage rematches
+round 2 LB: no round 1 WB rematches


#5 07/01/2016 - 21:43:23
The LB pairings in Olympics were based on the chronological order of WB matches. The tournament began with Rainy - Pawlak and Saibot - B1ack, so I matched the losers in the first round of LB. It added a bit of randomness, making LB different from the super-rigged WB (1vs8, 2vs7).

As for this tournament, I will announce it after WB is done.


#6 07/01/2016 - 22:26:59
i really dont know where u have this stateman from.. @kangaroo. There are not many peoples around that can play undead on a high quality level then i do. U wouldnt even pass a groupstage with Undead race. Like the tour before u got really lucky with opponents besides rainygunday who played really bad against u. U lost the final 3/0 against  raping as u always do. I think u never won him in any kind of games. And to u " CFOREVER"  i really dont think mouse is a way better player than leco is, that statemant showed me u have no idead about any kind of player here. Besides me think what u want i give a shit about random newbs statemans. Raping is the best player atm no doubt and for sure it will be hard to win a game against him. Possible is everything in reign of chaos. I made it more than once time to win a game against him.  


#7 07/01/2016 - 22:34:15

kangArOO 2-3 Pawlak_PL

RainyMonday 3-2 ToXiGRiNTA

RapiNG 3-1 schappi


Leco 3-1 Pawlak_PL

RainyMonday 3-1 RapiNG


Leco 2-3 RainyMonday

RainyMonday100% !!!! LET'S GO!!!


#8 07/01/2016 - 23:06:02
Very interesting brackets, I wont give any personal tips, but imo everyone out of these 8 players has a good shot to make it to the finals. GL HF. 




#9 08/01/2016 - 00:14:01
plot twist: Rainy foresees himself and Leco in the final.


#10 08/01/2016 - 02:32:38
Leco - Mouse 3-1
Rainy - Toxi 1-3
Pawlak - Kanga 3-1
Raping - Schappi 3-1

Pawlak - Leco 3-1
Raping - Toxi 1-3

Pawlak - Toxi 3-0


Pawlak - Toxi 5-0

Send my money Adam.


#11 08/01/2016 - 03:23:07
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, pawlak doesn't need to meet rainy/t2 -> title to poland. gg rhanes


#12 08/01/2016 - 22:10:41
A new rule:
From now on, play-off matches cannot be scheduled by players less than 24 hours in advance.


#13 15/01/2016 - 05:49:57
RainyMonday 3-0 Toxigrinta, 3-1 Raping, 3-0 Pawlak


#14 21/01/2016 - 10:37:21
Some long debates lately about the Raping vs Rainy rivarly, their place in the history of Roc, also some points about the aspect of motivation
I think we all agree that if the tourney is long or you don't like your opponents or you are not a fan of some elimination format you might indeed struggle with it
there is something nobody can question though. there is this one match which everybody wants to win. even if you are playing your worst race and you are facing somebody you trully dislike
it's the final of a major tournament and my ranking is based only on the results of these matches (1vs1)
fun fact: Poon3ss 1:0 (vs Rainymonday), rigged tour?
Rank 13) Rainymonday, finals won: 3 (vs Toxigrinta, Mixtape, Pump[opaw]), finals lost: 7 (vs Saibot, Saibot, Xiva, Raping, Raping, Toxigrinta, Poon3ss)
Rainy had 10 chances to win majors and he won only 3. maybe when it comes to playing on the very best level he comes a bit short?
Rank 12) Raping, finals won: 4 (vs Rainymonday, Rainymonday, Danieldgbball, Kangaroo), finals lost: 6 (vs Pumppaaja-eki, Pumpaaja-eki, Saibot, Saibot, LNo, Toxigrinta)
Raping is the king when it comes to beating players inferior to him but when he meets a worthy rival in the b-i-g match he usually comes short as well
Rank 8) Kangaroo, finals won: 0, finals lost: 1 (vs Raping)
Rank 8) Danieldgbball, finals won: 0, finals lost: 1 (vs Raping)
Rank 8) pump[opaw], finals won: 0, finals lost: 1 (vs RainyMonday)
Rank 8) Valer, finals won: 0, finals lost: 1 (vs Dvd[spain])
Rank 5) Mixtape, finals won: 1 (vs Toxigrinta), finals lost: 1 (vs Rainymonday)
Rank 5) Xiva, finals won: 1 (vs Rainymonday), finals lost: 1 (vs S_A_I_B_O_T)
Rank 5) LNo, finals won: 1 (vs Raping), finals lost: 1 (vs Raping)
Rank 4) Toxigrinta, finals won: 3 (vs Pumppaaja-eki, Raping, Rainymonday), finals lost: 3 (vs Rainymonday, Dvd[spain], Mixtape)
only 50% with elf?
Rank 3) Dvd[spain], finals won: 2 (vs Toxigrinta, Valer), finals lost: 1 (vs Pumppaaja-eki)
Rank 2) Pumppaaja-eki, finals won: 3 (vs Raping, Raping, Dvd[spain]), finals lost: 1 (vs Toxigrinta)
one word: top
Rank 1) S_A_I_B_O_T, finals won: 5 (vs Xiva, Raping, Raping, Rainymonday, Rainymonday), finals lost: 0
when Saibot tried hard in a big event, nobody was able to stop him.
the conclusions:
- Saibot and Pumpa are miles ahead of the others in their accomplishments, they are the top of the scene
- Raping, Rainymonday and Toxigrinta are all overrated, but their activity and consistency should be respected
- when it comes to high level competition LNo is the leader of currently active players with his 50% winratio
- if you get cocky and start calling yourself a top player look at Saibot's accomplishments (when you are active) or Eki's ones (if you barely play) and ask yourself these questions:
1) can you pass to the final aka the b-i-g match?
no offence to anyone but this arrogance needed to be addressed and deconstructed


#15 21/01/2016 - 15:03:20
@ CFforever 

So you think passing to the finals once and losing it worth more than passing to finals 10 times and winning 4 titles? this math sucks


#16 21/01/2016 - 15:31:13
Weird ranking CForever, especially considering the fact that I beat LNo 4-1 in matches and PumPPaaJa-EKi 2-1 in matches, so there is a reason they didn't make more finals. A more accurate Ranking would be: amount of participations/ reached finals.


#17 21/01/2016 - 19:28:47
how much weight does a title weigh from choosing the most unskilled way to win, with the shit we call elf. 

it is more than a ped that flaws all of these 'ranks' and 'stats'.  ped for oneself, but also injects the opponent and everyone else with complete boredom and disappointment.  
it boggles me that the same players are still trying to force elf mirrors.

there has not been one single elf player thats been even remotely interesting since philbot.


#18 21/01/2016 - 19:45:28
challenge yourself and try to perform.

thats why pumppa is the best in many eyes


#19 21/01/2016 - 20:22:27
lastly: i believe raping has done that too =)
only fitting he belongs to the best clan currently and for some time: clan 4on.

but dont forget history, living legends once were all under one name doing work for one cause: LD

The math sux indeed...
though I kinda agree with the conclusions.

About LNo's case...Well the guy is just so good when he wants to play...Pity that he throws away so many games...
He must be #1 but it seems he doesnt want. Whereas RapiNG or Rainy desperately want it. Maybe he understood he would never reach Peki's brightness?
LNo is just the shadow of himself...Though He recently outplayed Leco in an Ultimate team's game (hum mirror), that is just one example of what he can do when he wants. Yes yes outplayed is the word.  

I hope he will fuck everyone in the next tournament cause he is the only one able to beat rainyORraping. Every tournament is doomed to have rainy or raping as the winner, that's why for the future of RoC we need a great LNo, more focused, the real, the most skilled, to make all the mouths shut up lol.

Go LNo, Go almighty saviour. Well at least play with more than 5% kk??

The best option would be to have peki's beautiful ass back again. Roc Genius.


#20 21/01/2016 - 22:47:45
What the fuck did I just read? LOOOOOOOOOOL
First off, props on this line: "there is this one match which everybody wants to win.
it's the final of a major tournament". The unveiled truth! Though, I could also
imagine my favourite reporter CForever, with his breathtaking voice,producing yet
another promo for the incoming RainyMonday vs RapiNG match. Not a final, but perhaps
I'm not the only one looking forward to it. About the ranking, unfortunately it is so
fucked up. The first choice is already pretty questionable and laughable: excluding
POON3SS with his 1-0 since he seemingly took part into a "rigged" tournament (the
main criterion you used to rank players is won minus lost finals, so we would see
POON3SS ranked third furthermore).
Then there are definitely some incongruences (for example "raping 4 won finals vs
rainy/rainy/dandg/kanga" "lno 1 lost final vs raping" implying a won final for raping
is missing).
Also I would exclude Show Off Sundays finals since they are team tournaments overall.
And what else, what else... agree with #17 definitely.
God damn.


#21 22/01/2016 - 00:04:20
Match scores of all rocarena major finalists against each other throughout all Tournament stages (Ranked by Winning percentage)

*POON3SS missing because CForever didn't add him

1. S_A_I_B_O_T 15-9 (62,5%)
2. RapiNG 26-16 (61,9%)
3. LNo 11-9 (55%)
4. RainyMonday 19-17 (52,7%)
5. PumPPaaJa-EKi 16-16 (50%)
5. ToXiGRiNTA 15-15 (50%)
5. BMF.Elephant 1-1 (50%)
8. xivA 7-8 (46,6%)
9. pump[opaw] 4-5 (44,4%)
10. MixTape 3-4 (42,8%)
11. Dvd[SpaiN] 4-12 (25%)
12. ValeR 1-5 (16,6%)
13. DanielDGBball 0-5 (0%)

This Ranking looks way more senseful, why would only the finals matter? What kind of logic is this. RapiNG & I might have lost more often in Finals than others but we eliminated players like Pumpa or LNo earlier on in the Tournaments.. easy to say they only care to win in finals.


#22 22/01/2016 - 00:17:19
could've also left out the 50% elf picker


#23 22/01/2016 - 00:59:54
Replace the current "Rocarena Ranking" system from wins+losses-cups to ELO, by the way!


#24 22/01/2016 - 02:03:41
how is that relevant? I lost my 2 previous matches (vs laos and pawlak) as well, moreover, considering I lost to him 3:2 (and the game on AZ was close to certain point) I wouldnt really call it an "outplay" if you take a look on the whole bo5. 

+ this whole discussion is just ridiculous, aint it boring for you guys coming up all the time with the same shit "who got bigger bimbo" statistics? jeez just move on and enjoy playin/watching replays.. 

#word so Leco go ahead and entertain us with some HU v UD (Mouse) shit right now!


#25 22/01/2016 - 05:12:21
Rainymonday 1:
you were one of the people mentioning the aspect of motivation so you should have seen my point clearly. I've based the whole ranking on the b-i-g matches cause they are the ones motivating every single player. the ranking could be called the top of the top
let's look at the previous tournament. Kangaroo advanced to the final after beating Leco, Pawlak, Poon3ss, Teca and you. 5-0 looks impressive, but the caliber of the defeated players for a finalist wasn't very special. Raping's case is even better. he got to the final after beating Toxigrinta twice and losing 1 match to you (+ defwin from Lno somewhere). don't you see how ridiculous it was? Both of the players did really well, yes, but their road to the final was from spectacular. what's the point of praising someone only for advancing to the final then? it's the b-i-g match which matters most and look at Kangaroo - he got totally owned.
The ranking you suggest would display the overall consistency and I believe the rocarena ranking already serves that role. we know who the 3 most consistent players are - not Eki, not LNo, but you, Raping and Saibot. how many more rankings like that does your ego need?^^
We all remember Eki losing with skeletons to Human-amrock, with meat wagons to Raping, etc. he obviously doesn't care about the group matches and his punishment is his low rank in the major ranking. enough with that. I even remember him and LNo (obviously...) stating that group matches are useless.
what I did was offer a different point of view


#26 22/01/2016 - 05:20:01
maybe you are right and all the players below 50% should be classified together since all of them do/did disappoint.
however, look at Kangaroo. he played in one tournament, got to the b-i-g match and lost it. he wasted one single chance. how many chances did Rainy and Raping waste? way more. the list was supposed to show how many opportunities the players miss when the stakes are high
I wrote "Rainymonday x2" instead of "Rainymonday, LNo", my bad. but the statistics are valid
Rainymonday 2:
"easy to say they only care to win in finals."
again, weren't you the one who started the subject of motivation?
I just took it to another level and focused on nothing but the b-i-g matches. hate me, but don't hate the numbers^^
P.S. "challenge yourself and try to perform. thats why pumppa is the best in many eyes"
everyone should just listen to LNo...
minus his tourney trolling!!


#27 22/01/2016 - 05:41:26
I didn't remember that Saibot was undefeated in the finals.

These stats are really interesting as they indeed offer a totally different approach towards player evaluations.

The 1 time participants could be skipped or placed in a different category though. It's hard to compare the negative winratio of RainyMonday and RapiNG in 10 finals with the lone result of Kangaroo.


#28 22/01/2016 - 06:02:22
this is ghosts discrete way of calling me young olof:

LNo is that T you? Maurice told me you been practising alot these days.


#29 22/01/2016 - 06:23:58
that shit made my day lmfao


#30 22/01/2016 - 23:14:37

who else would
1) use statistics so badly to promote saibot's DL6 & meta wins
2) have accurate player Records including those of EXSL2 which has no page @forum or news

I rest my case,
you are all free to make your own conclusions
but deep down in your heart,
you know how it is


#31 22/01/2016 - 23:16:05


#32 27/01/2016 - 20:14:46
A small grammar nazi note: it's "winners" and "losers" bracket (with the final 's')!


#33 28/01/2016 - 05:42:44
Fixed, kind of (no .psd available).


#34 29/01/2016 - 03:51:15
my first comment regarding people's "ranks" in this thread was:

"how much weight does a title weigh from choosing the most unskilled way to win, with the shit we call elf. "

and now observe pawlak breeze through the brackets, coincidence?

now reevaluate your opinion scrubs


#35 29/01/2016 - 17:54:30
Hola hola wait wait Lno
We know that u re the best but let me look on group C...
Human Kangaroo #1 (lost after leave group)
Undead Schappi #2 (lost after leave group :))
Night Elf POON3SS #3 (didnt pass :))
LNo Orc #4 (the best player in group lost to undead and night elf who didnt pass to quarter)
Rainy won toxi (one of the best ne players)
Little advice:
Try to play serious/skilled next time (u re one of the most skilled players we ve ever seen) and stop laughing with the rest of the players who are at least trying.

Pawlak2016 :)

PS. Atm Pawlak 3-0 Lno... fast&easy

Pawlak <3


#36 29/01/2016 - 22:53:07
A few cents about the remaining matches and probabilities of winning the Tournament & why.

7 players remaining. 3 Undeads (impressive), 2 Night Elf players, 1 Human, 1 Orc

ToXiGRiNTA - schappi

The favourite in this match is pretty obvious, yet I think schappi can surprise in this match and might eventually win it. ToXiGRiNTA is way stronger on ladder maps, than he is on custom maps (TM). GW has always been his ladder veto, luckily for schappi GWh and GWm are in the pool. Schappi has also proven to be able to beat Toxi on TP. If I had to bet all my money on 1 person in this match I'd probably go with ToXiGRiNTA, would I be shaking during the matches? Definitely!

My bet ToXiGRiNTA 3-2 schappi.


Very interesting match, looking forward to this one. Elephant is known for playing T3 human army which features tanks very seldom. On the other hand we got Mouse, who is experienced in the UD - HU matchup and is very tough to beat without tanks as human. He's also very good at countering tanks, since he is the first one to tank Undeads when he has the opportunity to do it. HU - UD is the most imbalanced matchup in ROC when played abusively (mass creep, islands, towers, tanks) but I don't think this will occur in this match, we got two stylish players facing each other.

I'll go with 3-1 in favor of YURTHEBESTOFCTT.

RainyMonday - RapiNG

Hard to predict this one I think. Orc - Ud is my worst matchup as Orc, I'd probably prefer RapiNG being any other race than Undead (Orc mirror between us without wyvern might be an interesting match afterall, why hasn't it happened yet!?).
I'd give RapiNG the edge on GWm and TP, I see myself as favourite on LT and SB. GWh might be the decisive map. If I beat RapiNG, I see myself as a big favourite to take the Tournament down, if I lose on the other hand, it's a close one between Toxi, RapiNG & me.

My bet: Rainy100% 3-2 RapiNG

Since the rest of the matches are speculations I'll just give my predicted scores for them.

RapiNG 1-3 ToXiGRiNTA
RainyMonday 3-0 Pawlak_PL
ToXiGRiNTA 3-2 Pawlak_PL
RainyMonday 2-3 ToXiGRiNTA
RainyMonday 3-0 ToXiGRiNTA

Probabilities of winning:
1) RainyMonday 25%
1) ToXiGRiNTA 25%
3) RapiNG 20%
4) Pawlak_PL 15%
5) kangArOO 10%
7) schappi 2%


#37 29/01/2016 - 22:58:38
By the way: sticky races & Double Elimination should be used for every major Tournament!!!


#38 30/01/2016 - 00:26:44
Great review. I read it with pleasure. I agree with most of your points!

As for the tourney format, I am glad you enjoy it. I'm about to give up on the single elimination format in most tournaments (if not in each event).

I've used the Sticky-Races-for-the-match rule for quite a while and I really like it.


#39 30/01/2016 - 00:54:25
I still remember some RapiNG vs Rainy matches where both of them sitting in the lobby and changing the races permanently.


#40 30/01/2016 - 09:32:21
your comment has no relevancy pawlak. 
i dont care about how i do and that is clear if you watch me play.  my comment wasnt directed at you either, but evidence to prove my prior point about ranks and titles. you should know this with the amount of english that is written on bnet by now...
nobody is laughing at anything here, mb other than how sick it is to pass vs players that MAY be better than you in every sense.


#41 30/01/2016 - 09:36:43
following your train of thought, ill say one thing.
you didnt get 10x better to make it to the finals of this tournament...
perhaps one little, effortless thing did it.


#42 30/01/2016 - 18:51:36
Pawlak 3-1 Rainy (Rainy ll win on TP)

LNo at?:)


#43 30/01/2016 - 18:53:17
If u win vs tito ofc and this is very hard thing to do :)


#44 06/02/2016 - 04:39:16
Kudos to Rainymonday, he can be already considered the winner of this event. 3-1 vs Toxigrinta and 3-1 vs Raping show that he is not going to be stopped this time
there are some matches left and I would like to share my predictions
Pawlak vs Rainymonday
Pawlak's mix of kamikaze a la Madek and elf abuse a la type-any-random-newbelf is difficult to beat for most but Rainy will know what to do. I expect good games and 3-0 for the orc player
Raping vs Toxigrinta
For once something else than an elf mirror but I don't expect any fireworks here. both guys are known for their defensive style of playing and the only cool game they've ever made is ironically the imbalanced show of elf and human on SB in one of the previous tournaments
from my observations, Toxigrinta can't beat Raping in elf mirror but he beats his other races easily. it will be no different this time
Yurthebest vs Toxigrinta
Looking forward to seeing a rematch of the biggest surprise of RM6. I really am
I suspect that Toxigrinta will do his homework and recover but I also would like to be wrong^^
Pawlak vs Toxigrinta
The format of the tournament allowed Toxigrinta to avoid elf mirrors for a long time and I think he will lose to Pawlak. his ride will end here
Pawlak vs Rainymonday - a rematch
I expect another 3-0 for the BMF leader. his micro is better than Pawlak's and he knows how to deal with metamorphosis
btw, I'm glad that Raping and Rainymonday don't play elf in this tournament^^

Finally Mouse vs T2. Get ready for the new roty.  
Undead Mirror Show ;)


#45 11/02/2016 - 02:35:37
I might be interested in sponsoring a global championship for 30 best active players. no inactive players allowed which means that only the ones whose reps were posted in 2015 can take part in it
what format should it be? a cup or something with groups? I hope someone with necessary experience can come up with a good idea^^
the player-pool would go like this
1) Rainymonday ORC
2) Raping
3) LNo HUM
5) Toxigrinta ELF
6) Mixtape ORC
7) pawlak HUM
8) Kangaroo HUM
9) La0s
10) madek ELF
11) Leco HUM
13) HB UND
14) Schappi HUM
15) Husion UND
16) Ilovececilie ELF
17) Kra HUM
18) Zake ELF
19) Poon3ss ELF
20) N1ce.taker ORC
21) dancebabydance
23) Humanamrock UND
24) Syntec
25) Zeuspark
26) Ironsplinter
27) Ghostretorno ELF
28) mma
29) Viiksi-vallu
30) kams ELF


#46 11/02/2016 - 02:49:45
good idea, but too many elfs ;) 


#47 11/02/2016 - 14:16:57
I hope that list isn't in any skill order.


#48 11/02/2016 - 17:44:44
Good idea, I had something similar in mind. If you plan to host this, make sure it's sticky races. Random race has to be abandoned! 

I'd suggest Group Stage (8x4) first. It will occur, that not all out of the 32 players will show up but the Top 2 finishers of each group will most certainly finish their play-off matches.


#49 11/02/2016 - 19:58:00
draw inspiration from this tournament. sticky races, mappools, the gsl system, the loser brackets in the playoffs.

btw well thought out adam. great tour design this one.


#50 14/02/2016 - 04:47:28
Deadline for the match between RapiNG and YURTHEBESTOFCTT: 15.02.


#51 23/02/2016 - 23:06:21
thanks admins and sponsors to make this tour happen. there were some great games in like rapings ud on lt , or gordon with a great orc gameplay, mouse with some unusual tactics which made it entertaining. Hope there will be some more tours this year with probably some other mappool. Just a small change like TP ( no red drags, cause we had some really unbalance games there which were over in like 6mins). For the next Tours i hope a shorter deadline, cause sometimes the waiting till a game happened was too long. And games shouldnt be played stoned or drunken ( add a new rule mybe).All in all a nice tour, enjoyed it.


#52 24/02/2016 - 00:52:34
Congratulations to Pawlak.

I'm glad that the tournament was won by the Elf represent, who openly states that he considers this race as the strongest one on every single map and that his occasional losses are caused by nothing else but his own mistakes and not the "imbalance" of Human, Undead or Orc.

I would be been even happier for him if he had won the tournament with his trademark race (Human), since he has scored so many spectacular wins with it over the years, but who knows - mb he will in the future!

The win is still impressive, because as the results of the other Elf players showed, playing this race in RM6 wasn't as easy as it usually is.

I will still try to make it harder though.

Huge respect to RainyMonday for his wins against YURTHEBESTOFCTT, RapiNG, ToXiGRiNTA, Leco and husioN with a lot of variety in his game. He turned out to be my favourite player of this tournament.

As for the performance of the tournament, I will consult the decision with other admins first and then announce my decision.


#53 24/02/2016 - 01:35:21
Congratulations to Pawlak_PL! Very humble person & without a question a player worthy of a major title.


#54 24/02/2016 - 02:07:10

does pawlak now have 100% winrate in finals, making him the best player there ever was?


#55 24/02/2016 - 02:29:29
I liked his elf though, those pushes!


#56 24/02/2016 - 18:00:36
1) +1 schappi and thank you

2) games produced during this event, it was very worth it

3) despite some minor disputes straight from the beggining I am happy all games in the end were played, no players kicks during the tour etc.

4) Tbh I wouldnt wonder if you guys would kick us but you did not and I appreciate it. Frankly, I d like you to see all of us being participated in all tourneys. No restrictions. Call me naive/extreme whatever but its my strongest conviction. Yes I d like to see even players like jason, imdb and many others in all tourneys. I d like to see toxi and adam to play replayers com tours the same way we are allowed to play "your" cups. I am happy Rainy again despite minor mutual disputes invited anyone into his new project.

I am interested in cups based on players skill and not their past/behaviour or friends connections.

5) I d love you Adam to participate in upcoming tournaments as well - being 100% honest and serious. I am glad you participate in new Rainy event.

6) Regarding specific games, players and gameplayes, many things could be highliighted tho the replays themselves serve probably a better job. Few words about the winner, I enjoy pawlaks gamestyle. Tho whats nicest imho, its a nice example how one can improve and from mediocre become the winner of major event. Basically anyone can do it with enough will, practice and dedication. Only paradox, its alrdy enough that mass arch dominate the modern 2x2 NE meta and now we are confrontated it even in the winner game style of major tournament.

7) I dont neccesarily think night elf is the strongest race, that much stronger than others. On the other hand, with night elf you can deffinetly get away with more mistake. In other words, other races are simply not as unforgiving but thats why they are so beatiful no. Cuz riding on them and well, its not smth you see everyday.

oki my lunch break s up, see ya


#57 24/02/2016 - 22:20:35
Big thx for ur nice words. I think that prize for the best performance should be split to Mouse, Rainy and Tito. They rly deserved it. Gz for the rest players and ofc for the admins :)

only small request...
Try to play a little faster your games.........

GL & HF all. Cu on LT :)


#58 02/03/2016 - 04:16:00
I've decided to go along with LoveStruck's arguments and name ToXiGRiNTA the best performer of the tournament.

He was featured in more promoted replays from this tournament than anyone else and in each of them he was the more aggressive player.

In my opinion his performance against RainyMonday in one of the promoted replays really stood out. I don't think I've ever seen an Elf player in this particular scenario (GWm, crossed positions against Orc in hands of a top player), who was relying on aggressive control of the Keeper instead of creeping DH6 or expanding all over the map.


#59 02/03/2016 - 12:28:35
I agree,

Mouse was definately the best performer and huge bias towards him didn't land him the prize, but its understandable.

I also give toxi many prizes for his awesome dh6 plays and such.

wp mouse, you did great this tournament.


#60 02/03/2016 - 21:20:05
lol toxi the best perfomer ? i cant agree here with u. There were players who played way better than him


#61 02/03/2016 - 22:09:46
I think top 3 players of the Tournament would deserve it the most. If the top 3 was Rainy/Raping/Toxi, there would be nothing "spectacular". Seeing Mouse/Pawlak there on the other hand deserves some recognition. Toxi lost 0-3 and 2-3 vs two Undead players and didn't even make Top 4. My ranking would go like this:

2. Pawlak_PL
3. RainyMonday


#62 02/03/2016 - 22:17:30
#1 Mouse 
#2 Rainymonday 
#3 Raping 
#4 pawlak   

I kinda agree with you guys, Mouse deserved it more... Though I think Toxi deserves it more than Rainy, Pawlak or whoever. The best performer, is not about the result.
Toxi did not win, but he has 3 promoted replays... 

I'd say 

1 mouse
2 toxi  (cause mouse impressed me more)
3 Paw
4 Rainy
5 T2


#63 02/03/2016 - 23:32:02
Not sure if any of your understands the word "performer". It's not the runner-up.

Toxi had made more quality replays than anyone else in this tournament and he also showcased his new build on Lost Temple which - if he plays it more often in future - will probably be copied by many Elf players just like the one on Tranquil Paths.

Was Toxi an amazing performer in overall? I wouldn't say so, because he made several disappointing games (like the TP one against Schappi).

However, to me he was still better than the others when it comes to entertainment and the fact that his results weren't too good is irrelevant.

His main competitor for this title was Pawlak, but the number of his DH6 wins was just way too high.

Mouse #1? I find it ironic coming from you, considering the fact that you were looking down on him for the whole tournament...

Maybe next time you should participate in the staff debate, so you won't be disappointed by the final decision.


#64 03/03/2016 - 00:32:16
i didnt look down on mouse, the fact was he went insta spiders which is way better than ghouls ( in raping games ) what made me mad cause i wanted to watch a ghoul mirror, but for sure he was more entertaining than toxi. Wow Toxi built his base on some other place, so smart.. TP built order was already invented when u didnt even had reign of chaos on your computer adam. And playing kotg staff (less creep) on gw is nothing new aswell, since elf race allows many tactics which are all stronk, cause this race is unbalanced as we all know. And from the skill level ,its not really hard to handle , since u basiclly just play with maximal 2 different groups. 


#65 03/03/2016 - 00:58:25
This nigga..


#66 03/03/2016 - 01:03:36
"TP built order was already invented when u didnt even had reign of chaos on your computer adam"

Not sure what build order you are talking about.

I'm referring to the placement of his buildings both on LT and TP. The former locks the entry to his natural expo, yet it can be opened by uprooting the AoW. The latter bases the whole early game on control of the middle area, but I guess I don't need to explain it to you, since you've been copying it from Toxi for years.


#67 03/03/2016 - 01:33:23
dno, iam ud/hu/rdm player since 2003, but yes i saw toxi doing it in a game. Anyway we do not have to discuss that, since i just outed my opinion about the "best perfomer" that its not toxi for me ;)


#68 03/03/2016 - 03:11:02

HB, not sure what you mean with "Pawlak, but the number of his DH6 wins was just way too high."

toxi played 6 matches, so let's compare first 6 matches:
toxipipas had lvl6 DH in 5/12 wins = 41,7%
while pawlak had it in 7/17 = 41,2%

adding the grand final of course increases it to 9/20, 45%,
while the imaginary equal for toxi would be 7/15 = 46,7%

in other words pawlak's victories relied less on DH6 than toxi's


#69 03/03/2016 - 04:05:51
Well, I think the term "best performer" is still a bit vague as of now. Mouse could
perfectly be the best performer if you define it as the "most solid performance
throughout the whole tournament", but that is not our aim. This is a website based on
replays, and if we were to reward someone, that one should therefore provide us some
"benefits". Promoted replays are our lifeblood, so why not rewarding someone who
grants us such material? In Toxi's case, I don't think of his overall performance as the
most solid, yet he often played aggressively, making his games very enjoyable
to watch and achieving in fact more promoted replays than anybody else. This prize
pool distribution is good because it can push some of the players to, for example,
avoid extremely abusive strategies or play more aggressively.


#70 03/03/2016 - 04:15:07

spoken like a true sophist.

by your amazing mathematical reasoning, if I had won 0 games out of 3 with dh6, I would still end up with a dh6 win % of 33%, defying any form of logical reasoning.

The only numbers are 9/20 = 45% versus 5/12 = 41,7%

How you still manage to somehow randomly change the numbers to fit your narrative is quite amazing though.

TLDR: don't try math, you suck at it.


#71 03/03/2016 - 23:01:30
no toxi I don't see how winning 0 games gives you a winrate of 33%.
instead, it would just mean you have no more wins.

but you're right, you would probably win 0 games in match 7,
you abused meta vs mouse previously and went 0-3 so there is no reason to expect you to win

as for "my narrative". my narrative is that pawlak's meta use didn't stand out "way too high".
"my narrative" needs no support from math manipulation.
if he did it 3% or 5% more than you, it still wouldn't matter.

3% = 1 game in 33
5% = 1 game in 20

such tiny differences don't matter, not when one says "way too high".
it would affect once in 4 bo5s or less.


#72 04/03/2016 - 00:28:22
0/3 meant winning 3 games and none with DH6. but apparently you're too fucking retarded to understand what I meant.

everything else is bullshit of the finest sort. Yes I abuse meta so hard vs mouse, attacking with DH5 on LT, playing KOTG first in the next two games.

can't you just stop harassing me? you're really obsessed dude, chill the fuck out.


#73 04/03/2016 - 00:50:03
if HB says pawlak's DH6 win amount was "way too high" and rewards you,
attacking his claim is not attacking you, drama queen


#74 04/03/2016 - 01:32:11
Pawlak states himself that his Elf is a mix of Rhane and MaAdek.

The one-dimensional DH 6 creeping -> push was what I referring to in my comment.

Something like his performance against Kangaroo on TP, which was so disappointingly one-dimensional and hopeless that he somehow lost despite the mad levels and economy. I wasn't a fan of promoting that replay.

Toxi has DH6 in many of his games too, but his wins can't be considered as one-dimensional as Rhane-like ones.

He always has an actual plan in mind, but when it comes to Pawlak's Elf , often there is nothing but the goal of getting the imbalanced ultimate.

I have to agree with Toxi that you seem to be obsessed.


#75 04/03/2016 - 01:51:10
so you insist that a possible +1 or +2 meta win out of 20 makes pawlaks DH 6 amount "way too high"?


#76 04/03/2016 - 02:27:16
"DH 6 wins"


#77 04/03/2016 - 02:52:21
ok, it seems you have nothing to say about it then, HB.

to tie loose ends I can answer to toxi's magical math problem:

"if I had won 0 games out of 3 with dh6, I would still end up with a dh6 win % of 33%"
"0/3 meant winning 3 games and none with DH6"

Oh I see, you created a completely irrelevant, not related to current discussion, hypothetical example where:
- you play only 1 match in the tour
- you dont abuse meta
- I record you your 0meta/3win
- and then I diabolically add 2meta/3win, "defying any form of logical reasoning" , creating a total 2meta/6wins = 33%

sorry, that's not how my formula worked.
you ignore the reasoning for copying pawlaks final result to your imaginary 7th match:
- you 2 had the same DH6 % in the first 6: 42% ( implicit )
- there is no particular reason to expect you to rely less on DH6 in such a special match (obvious )

I hope the math is no longer beyond your grasp

and sorry I wasn't able to follow, your way of answering was quite distracting,
- it's not a reasonable example, but also
- DH5 attacking is such a weird suggestion for an example of aggressive play
- especially when you get meta anyway in that game
- and despite going KOTG first g2, you still had meta in 2 games out of 3 losses,
- as already mentioned you twisted the formula quite a bit to make your example


#78 04/03/2016 - 04:09:03
I've said enough. It's your choice not to understand or pretend not to.


#79 04/03/2016 - 04:22:08
what do you not understand in that your argument is fucking retarded, adding hypothetical stats from another player to make a very weak/twisted argument? there is no way to argue in favor of your bullshit. I can also add all of pawlak's games to your 0/0 record in this tournament and claim you use meta more than me in a tournament you didn't fucking play.


the only thing you just seem to have discovered is that mixing 66% and 42% depends on the size of the 42% sample. great job ein-fucking-stein.

let's end the lesson here. do not further address me.


#80 04/03/2016 - 12:23:15
yes 17 is more than 12, and adding 3 wins has a slightly bigger effect,

of course I could've done
12/17 * 2 = 1,41176
12/17 * 3 = 2,1176

6,41176 / 14,1176 = 45,42, which is obviously still higher than pawlaks 45%,
since his DH6 % was lower in the first 6 matches too,

but matches are whole numbers, so doing that doesn't really make sense.
we were talking about actual match results and 66% then means 3 wins.
and you should get 3 wins if you abuse meta as much as pawlak did.
ofc, unfortunately you went 3-3 while winning with meta as often as he.

you see, if you had paid attention to what the first 6 matches already showed,
you'd know the implications of adding any of these to your 7th match:
none - the conclusion is the same.


#81 04/03/2016 - 15:27:46
"of course I could've done
12/17 * 2 = 1,41176
12/17 * 3 = 2,1176

6,41176 / 14,1176 = 45,42, which is obviously still higher than pawlaks 45%,
since his DH6 % was lower in the first 6 matches too,"
you realize this makes NO FUCKING SENSE WHATSOEVER, you're like a monkey on a typewriter.
stop trying to use numbers, you don't have the basic reasoning skills required.


#82 04/03/2016 - 19:01:51
oh, I thought you knew what "size of the 42% sample" was in the math (games),
so I assumed you made a mathematical point: one that requires a response.
but apparently you don't even see it when it's explained to you and you were just being inarticulate about the # of matches.

there's simply very little to support that claim in your actual gameplay.
- you both went 41-42% meta in the wins of first 6 matches.
- pawlak's final doesn't represent the same circumstances due to highest stakes, and you would likely continue to use meta like he did
- even a 3%, or 5% difference in favor of you would only show in 1 in 20 games, or less often, which doesn't make "way too high"
- mouse would be the enemy, and you already went 0-3 vs him earlier, meaning to win you will meta more.
- your elf vs undead had been 2x meta vs mouse, 2xmeta vs schappi & 1x(g4loss) vs t2(twice denied meta)

now, instead of your repetitive boring flaming, I'm wondering this:
"what amount of meta usage is typical by night elves who win a tournament?"

stats on that, and I think we will learn what's "way too high"


#83 04/03/2016 - 19:31:21
once more you dyscalculic piece of shit, adding random numbers coming from another player's match, no matter how you add them up is RETARDED. it makes NO SENSE whatsoever.

gotta love though how you both argue that 45% is not that much bigger than 42%, but also argue that after your genius quantic calculations, 45,7% is SO MUCH WORSE than 45%. you've gotta be actually fucking retarded to not see the difference in gameplay between our games (to my disadvantage, given my poor performance in this tournament).

to finish this topic, you're the only retarded fucker that tries to argue - because you just want to bully me - that my elf gameplay somehow exclusively relies on metamorph. NOBODY ELSE has ever tried to make that point or support this claim. too bad you never got to this stage of the game against me in ladder because you're too fucking terrible to understand this game, but ask adam or anyone (dominik, yura, etc) who's ever played a big enough amount of games against me on the ladder mappool if they somehow feel more confident if I play potm on frostsabre/legends or keeper on TP/GWm than if I were playing DH. I'll make a bold claim: they don't, because my elf gameplay is based on taking an economical advantage. On some maps, DH first is required to do that, and on some other maps, it's not the case. As I said it, since my gameplay is based on securing a strong lategame scenario and economical asphyxia of my opponent, it's very often correlated with longer games, which is correlated with higher leveled heroes and there is no reason not to get DH6 along the road. is my gameplay abusive? fuck yeah, it's the point of it: leaving no chance to the opponent by securing a 100% safe economical victory. does it always work? no, on certain maps and positions, I have to play a different style or make a different opening. but it's the gameplay I enjoy playing the most - creeping DH6/potm1 on the other hand gives me very little satisfaction. It doesn't mean I don't use it (scarcely), and you'll probably find a few such games of mine, but it's definitely not what I'm known for.
In turn, I'll ask myself the question: "what am I afraid of when playing vs pawlak_pl's elf?" his infamous DH6 creeping. "am I more confident if he plays kotg or potm first?" fuck yeah, it's gonna be a rape.

but I see you're just a troll making a point that really noone else is making, so let's leave it at that.


#84 04/03/2016 - 19:37:00
contrary to your claim that I was going for "SO MUCH WORSE" with 45,7%, I wasn't
it was a response "the number of pawlak's dh6 wins being way too high"

you see, the first phase, the only meaningful and important phase, is to point out:
1) no, pawlak's DH6 abuse isn't that common
^- this comes from the fact that yours and his DH6 amount in won games was pretty much the same

the 2nd phase, was mostly for the purposes of humor
2) "in fact you might find that pawlak used it less"  
^- while this is statistically rather meaningless, unless the % diff is huge, which it isn't,
it still adds flavor to the argument, which is:
"pawlak's # of DH6 wins wasn't way too high"

gg gl

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