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ExSL VIII: The Play-Offs (100$)

(click the image to enlarge it)

(click the image to enlarge it)

RapiNG     vs     kangArOO
Game 1       Game 2       Game 3

RainyMonday     vs     kangArOO
Game 1       Game 2       Game 3       Game 4

RapiNG          ToXiGRiNTA
Game 1       Game 2       Game 3       Game 4

schappi     vs     ToXiGRiNTA
Game 1       Game 2       Game 3       Game 4

TeCa     vs     kangArOO
Game 1       Game 2       Game 3       Game 4

(click the image to enlarge it)


(click the image to enlarge it)


Posted on 20/06/2015 - 22:51:05 by HB

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"ExSL VIII: The Play-Offs (100$)" | Login/Create an Account | 22 comments
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#1 20/06/2015 - 22:53:25
The french semifinal will be held tonight at 21:30 CEST.

So the best french will face the best german, very interesting isnt-it?
GL HF to all!

Vive la France!

Well I forgot to say (if any admin can edit my messages, make only one instead of 2 it could be less spamming well nvm, Idc tbh) that I hope we will see another match up than nelf mirror, but well I'm only dreaming...(again xd)
Must be a reason to cheer for BMF.Monster, aka AlexRapor imho, well dunno, maybe regnerisch montag will play is magical orc instead of imba Dh 6 (sry for the bad De language btw). I Hope the monster won't turn the knife inside of me by playing elf too tho!


#2 24/06/2015 - 23:22:13
The second semifinal begins at 19:00 CEST today!


#3 26/06/2015 - 21:44:17
Such an easy grid for RapiNG haha! All he had to do was to beat Toxigrinta in elf mirror TWICE which is not really a hard task. Now he is facing an underdog in the finale. Looks like a fw just like vs DG in the previous season. I miss the times when this tournament was top notch. Maybe the next season will bring more competition and this one was just an accident? Let's hope so. Btw what happened to LNo exactly?

Kanga has all the credentials to win this tournament. Defeating Rainy, Pawlak and Leco in the same event is far from what a mere underdog can do. Go Alexi, go!

Good lesson for Granymonday and I'm glad it happened: picking elf to have freewins but losing overwhelmed by his oppo who played RDM (BTW I still think RDM shoud be not allowed LOL). Very good perf from The MONSTER, the Newest German Legend (as I said previously). It was beautiful to see him (especially the semi), so let's the final Start! The show must fucking go on! I Tried to convince him not to play elf, he refused, that's filling me with joice again (always listentopeni (well it sounds like you are sexaddict this way tho)).

Cforever you should rewatch his games or maybe watch it once at least before saying shit, Alex Raped everyone in groupstage, he also raped rainy's elf 3 times. When you win once you can say it's luck, when you win 3 times you can't. So its totally deserved for him, he showed he is great. I'v nothing more to add. WP.

About LNo's case, it's something that hurt me alot, he played like a dumb arrogant and got fisted before ragequitting the tour. Very sad. He should have played his magical human instead of fiends lich like if Schappi was noob.

hmm... VIVE LA FRANCE tho! GO T2 GO!
Again I hope RapiNG won't elf, to make a beautiful final!


#4 27/06/2015 - 03:07:34
The Top Elemination gave the possibility for 2 Top players to advance directly into the semifinals and the other 2 Top gamer are forced to play the group stage. Those Top Gamer are picked from the RoCarena top ranking which means they were successfull in the previous tournaments aswell. Toxigrinta is one of them. So even if you think it was an easy bracket for RapiNG, Toxi's previous wins show that he isn't ad bad as you implied in your text.
kangArOO aka "underdog" deserved the final spot by winning his group. Each group includes players from previous tournaments (which according to you have been more successful). Also kangArOO made it through the quater final and the semi final. I have already pointed out that the semifinal includes at least 1 player who counts as one of the most successful major tour player from RoCarena. After this facts you can not deny that he deserves to play the final and it won't be as easy as you think.


#5 30/06/2015 - 23:19:38
khmmm kanga...... RaKiNG

Night Elf 24-17 (58,5%)
Orc 14-15 (48,3%)
Undead 10-12 (45,5%)
Human 19-23 (45,2%)

Thats rly good record for undead no? Impressive level from the winner I have no word lol he is just the best


#6 07/07/2015 - 21:59:06
It certainly is. However, ud was played only 22 times and mostly picked (for example elf appeared in 41 + mirrors -> +50).

Apart from that, consider the fact that Kra left vs schappi at the beginning of their 5th game. If you discount it, ud and hu trade the ranks.

You should also have a look at the full list of the ud wins:
- poon3ss - kang (ok)
- schappi lno (the latter was in hurry and needed to make the game short, but let's count it as a legit win)
- schappi kra (ok)
- schappi kra (ok)
- schappi kra (kra left at the beginning)
- schappi toxi (ok)
- husion llovececilie's hu (ayden was invited as an elf player, but since he couldn't pass anymore, he switched to random race in his last match and got his worst race twice - both of the games were legit, but none of them were really ExSL-level games)
- husion llovececilie's hu (as above)
- yura llovececilie's elf (ok)
- raping kangaroo (ok)

If 3 of them are discounted the result is 7-12 (36,8%).

I think that Olympics stats were more objective, cause each race was played a similar number of times and by the same number of players (with huge experience with Random Race). On the other hand I think that Ud vs RR is the hardest match-up by far and the map-pool was really tough for this race, so its winratio (19,3%) was extra low.

Congratulations for RapiNG. He had no competition during the play-offs.


#7 07/07/2015 - 23:40:04
ud losses are always legit


#8 09/07/2015 - 20:52:16
Since there are questions concerning the way points are added in the major ranking, here is a list of the ones earned during ExSL VIII:
raping 3-1 (+1)
rainy 3-1
lno 0-3
toxi 5-3
kangaroo 5-1
pawlak 2-1
leco 0-2
poon 0-2
maadek 2-1
la0s 2-1
zake 0-3
teca 2-2
schappi 3-1
mysteria 0-1
viiksi 1-2
husion 1-2
llovececilie 1-2
kra 0-1


#9 12/07/2015 - 05:11:59
In spite of the easy route (Rainy - loss, Toxigrinta - win, LNo - defwin, Toxigrinta - win, Kangaroo - win) Raping showed some good gaming in this tournament. Congratz


#10 14/07/2015 - 02:19:45
Pretty sure it was made so that ceci would lose few games on purpose just so that husion would not be last


#11 14/07/2015 - 09:29:07
I'm going to be posting my top20 lists every now and then as my suggestions for the tourney line-ups!! What matters to me: results, race, gamestyle, promoted replays. I include only players visible to me in 2015. Maybe someone will read it :-D

20. x-booster-x (und)
19. Human(amrock (und)
18. Viiksi-vallu (hum)
17. Zake (elf)
16. Husion/listentourheart the same player i guess (und)
15. Poon3ss (hum)
14. Ilovececilie (elf)
13. HB. (und)
12. Teca (orc)
11. Kangaroo (hum)
10. Leco (hum)
9. Pawlak (hum)
8. Schappi (rnd)
7. NIFI (rnd)
6. Maadek (elf)
5. La0s (rnd)
4. Toxi (elf)
3. LNo (rnd)
2. Raping (rnd)
1. Rainymonday (rnd)


#12 15/07/2015 - 12:01:37
da hat der alex mitm gordon buß gebaut


#13 15/07/2015 - 12:09:03
thres no edit function for comments? i forgot to add:

@pumpopaw !


#14 18/07/2015 - 07:17:02
leco > nifi

gg gl

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