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Couldn't Copy/Paste comment on Booster game

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Boss Junior

Joined: Apr 13, 2015
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Location: canada

PostPosted: Tue Aug 01, 2017 2:02    Post subject: Couldn't Copy/Paste comment on Booster game Reply with quote

Really never thought Booster hacked, thought he was a very smart good player, however reading the respected members thoughts regarding the last game posted vs. Adam I felt I should keep an open mind on his hacking. Which by the way I don’t think the game is 100% proof although suspicious.

I think Booster’s reputation speaks for itself the last year, and since I am not a top 20 or even top 50 active player I can’t comment from experience per se, however I get the feeling that Booster perhaps isn’t in that top echelon of say top 5 active players but he really isn’t too far away(think top 10 or 15), he has quite the resume of games the last year, certainly some impressive wins…

I get Adam’s argument on Boost following him to his Mine for Creepjack although last time he found him at Shop under similar circumstances. However keep in mind these players often meet and are two of the best active Undeads and therefore look at their games as a bit of a mind/chess match and Booster had some skill/luck in guessing the mine( Adam was really needing to get level 2 and the Aura as soon as possible) and as Booster noted he had time to check mine first before shop he felt. I watched that game a week ago and can’t remember my exact opinion on the middle incident with the Mana Burn Dog, but came away with ‘suspicious but not proof’.

I am trying to break down some moments in this game since there are incidents and I wanted to comment even though a lot are trivial and certainly not ‘proofs of NOT hacking.’ Moment 5:35 and 8:06 was of particular interest to me and one that made me think, damn, maybe he does hack.

Also note Booster offers opponents random screenshotting, in other words, if you think he MH’s just say screenshot now, I don’t hack so can’t talk from experience but I doubt he could somehow disable the Maphack in the time it takes to take a screenshot, which I assume he will take within seconds for someone.

1:45- Booster ‘controls’ acolyte here outside West spawn and does go in to see the creeps under care.
2:24 – early selection by booster on acolyte that directs him to check South natural mine, (little detail I know, could still just be a very smart coverup)
2:50- Acolyte arrives up at LeiBNiZ base and is revealed on mini-map, however no acolyte control at this point. Finally 10 or 12 seconds after scout arrives, he finally selects Aco to scout/attack tower.
I feel as though if a guy with the skill/level of detail as Boost, he might have gone back to the Scout a little sooner instead of ‘momentarily forgetting’ so that he could do his typical attack a building being constructed.
3:20 Sees that he’s up against Blademaster/towercreep strategy, carries on with his normal creep level 3 as soon as possible.

3:50 makes sense to go for middle Creepjack obviousily.
4:15 Makes sense to immediately come back for more Creep steals.
5:25 Deathknight selection as the previous 3-4 seconds the blademaster was in his vision, so it is possible he saw the BM was nearby.
5:35 – At first time through watching for me I was like “wow, wtf was that” seemed to me at first like Booster was doing some funny movements around the invisible Blademaster however after rewatching 4 times I will give him the benefit of the doubt as multitasking coincidental happening. He is simultaneously Creeping the Lich and it seems in that time he sent his DK/and summons to middle, but then between multitasking finally separates the summons from his DK grouping and send South to ORC’s base. Sure, the summons kind of move weird around the BM but it is possible there was some accidental misclicks on Booster’s part, for instance sending them towards Fountain when already near it.
Also keep in mind, Booster has proved a pretty high level of intelligence this past year regardless, he has to be smart as fuck if he actually does MH and hides it, and I don’t think he would try and surround a windwalked blademaster at a fountain with a small ‘book of dead summon/ level 3 dk” army.

6:20 I do note he doesn’t coil creeps but there is definitely a good statistical chance the BM is not following DK, I would definitely think BM would economy harass or creepjack Lich so not super suspicious he doesn’t waste mana on coil here.
6:35 Does not know where Blademaster is and buys gem with Lich fairly quickly as someone who is weary of invisible windwalk, not proof he doesn’t hack but would have been awfully suspicious if he didn’t buy gem as soon as possible even though Blademaster was not in area.
7:00 -7:10 Runs towards ORC’s base at coincidentally timing that blademaster was arriving, but never sees blademaster and still has no clue BM is in area at all, he’s just running to ORC’s base to scout/harass and to return to Lich army as he typically does around this point in his games to meetup/trade items and creep Deathknight a little. Also note he leaves the base before knowing about Blademaster however he can’t do much to the orc’s base at that time with just the level 3-4 deathknight and with the Tauren Chieftan spawning there as well, totally makes sense to return to Lich.
8:06 Significant moment since arguably suspicious movement. Here’s my take on it, where else would he go? His own Red creep, no, makes more sense to go to Enemies Red creep to get it first and then perhaps harass/pick off spawning units etc. Also note he had a choice about the East starting point creeps as well but he already has a Necropolis built there that surely he is hoping to Town Portal to at an opportune time.
8:14 Movement towards enemies Red creep/base halted when encountering ORC at small creep camp. This is possible he was caught up on tasks and in control of his movements as someone at his skill level is capable of being in the zone.
9:50 Honestly where else should he go then to check this mine and attack ORC main, he just won handedly the earlier exchange and is hoping to pressure. What is his biggest fear at this point, ORC Expansion no doubt, that can confound the problem of Blademaster/ raider harass, so he checks like literally the one place that ORC could Expand.
10:30 – Handles Blademaster harass quickly no doubt, but certainly plausible for high skill player to respond in 3 seconds as he did.
11:00 – Same normal Town portal reaction time to the base lame.

11:45 – nothing suspicious here, responds normally.

13:00 I am kind of wondering why he hasn’t made his typical Shade or acolyte scout here to roam the map, but then I think, man, he basically is in tune to what ORC is doing, he probably has history with this opponent and knows he is likely a MHer and is just trying to BM/raider lame, of course he will be trying to expand at his only available and closest gold mine. At this point it’s a laming game and Booster is 5/5 on hero’s versus ORC’s 4/1, Booster doesn’t need to go creep here, he needs to respond to any laming and desparately try and not let ORC expand, he already knows he’s basically won, he just doesn’t want the game to go on for hours.

13:20 acolyte scouts East lower Natural expand mine hoping to find it crept/orc expo
14:00 Has nice Rock golem summon, I’d go creep that sweet juicy Item and experience there too, instead of caring about 2 towers and no Town hall in production.
14:40 Screenshot option.

I have never hacked in the 15 years I’ve been playing but my fair share of MH accusations on East since I’m top 3 active on east (not saying much - already claimed to be ranked 50th on euro xd) (Oxandrolone on east)
and between some of those accusations if I rewatch the replays, I will admit sometimes luck/skill coincidences can LOOK awfully suspicious especially with unit grouping/degrouping inadvertent selections and randomness of movements.
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 01, 2017 18:18    Post subject: Reply with quote

if im not wrong, the reason for which u might not be able to copy-paste ur text is that u r using the char ’ instead of '
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